Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Colorado or Bust {Montrose}

J and I arrived in Grand Junction, CO via Allegiant Air on Sunday. It was about an hours flight from Vegas.
We rented a car in GJ and drove another hour to Montrose, the home of J's dad, Jerry, and stepmom Wendy.

Their home is the neatest, most charming home in the neighborhood. It is definitely not your typical stucco Colorado home with rocks as a yardscape. Their home could be plucked right out of a Norman Rockwell painting, and it is so very neat, clean, and organized. Wendy loves to garden, and it shows. From her vegetables to wildflowers, she has a green thumb for sure. Check out these wildflowers which thrive in the Colorado summer. Not many neighbors have yards of grass, but they do. Jerry has a penchant for restoring cars, and his workshop garage is likely where you'll find him.

We dined at some local favorites while in Montrose. We enjoyed delicious Mexican at Fiesta Guadalajara. We also enjoyed our lunch at Remington's in the local The Bridges Golf Club. What a view! We also devoured our meal at Horsefly, a brewery in downtown Montrose.

We spent lots of down time enjoying the scenery in the backyard. The low humidity is just perfect. Here in NOLA, it is almost impossible to sit and enjoy the outdoors in July.
We also enjoyed our visit with some of the extended family who came over to Jerry and Wendy's for dinner.

On to Telluride and Vail....stay tuned!
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Visiting Montrose, y'all!


  1. Good morning, Ron! Loving seeing your pics from CO. J's dad's home is lovely, and it looks like you did some fine dining while you were there--not that I'm surprised! Looking forward to vicariously experiencing the rest of your trip! Have a great day! xoxo PS Did you receive your copy of What Now Magazine? I've had so many compliments on that article on "Metry," and I owe it all to you! ;)

  2. Colorado... I luv that magnificent state! My eldest was born in Colorado and my sister has lived there for the last 15 years. Agreed... here in sunny , humid Florida, the thought of anything alfresco in July and August is nigh impossible... Enjoy. Keep the photos coming... living vicariously :)

  3. They had a beautiful home! Reminds me a bit of my MIL's home on Lake Huron in Michigan. The flowers are gorgeous!!

  4. Hi Ron, I have never posted a comment on your blog but just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy reading it. It is such a pleasure to see someone that totally enjoys life. You seem to live life to the fullest and enjoy your friends and family-how refreshing!

    Pat in Chicago

  5. Beautiful home and gardens. Sounds like you had some terrific food while in Colorado and great visits with family and friends.

  6. Oh their home looks so inviting. What a great yard and scenery. She does have a green thumb and her flowers look beautiful. The Nova is a real eye catcher- sharp color! I bet he can peel rubber with it! I haven't been in Colorado since the 90's when we had our motorhome. Beautiful part of the world!

  7. I think J favors his dad. It's so neat to see their house and yard. I've always envisioned a more rustic style house in CO (because I've never been there). There home is so charming. Love their yard! Looks like y'all are having a whirlwind trip!

  8. What a great home for Colorado.

  9. Ron,
    It looks like you guys are having a great vacation. I love the family picture of all of you so sweet. J's parents home is so pretty and I love her gardens. Thanks for taking us along on your trip looks like you are having a wonderful time. Safe travels as you continue on.

  10. Sounds like you guys had such a nice trip! I really love that big gorgeous Colorado Spruce in their front yard.

  11. Looks like a wonderful visit with family!


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