Thursday, July 17, 2014

Oh, Telluride!

Every time I get to Colorado, I love to visit the charming town of Telluride. With an elevation of over 8000 feet, I think Telluride is even more gorgeous in the summer than in the winter. Telluride is known as an upscale destination dotted with homes of many well-known celebrities. Hello, Tom Cruise!

Telluride is about an hour from Montrose, so the drive is an easy one and beautiful too. We always stop and take our obligatory photo at one of the entrances to Ralph Lauren's Double RL Ranch

Occupying over 16,000 acres, Ralph Lauren's Double RL Ranch is set amongst the picturesque San Juan mountains. I have always hoped Ralph would meet me at the gate and invite me to tour the grounds. A boy can dream.

In Telluride, we love to eat at the restaurant at the restored New Sheridan Hotel, Chop House. The food and ambiance are top notch.

Telluride is the perfect walkable town full of charming shops, bars, and restaurants.

I was so happy to run into the one and only Ralph Lauren and his wife Ricky along Colorado Avenue, the main street of Telluride. How awesome is that? 

If you have not been to Telluride, you must put it on your bucket list.

Used as a summer camp for centuries by Ute Indians and named by Spanish explorers in the 1700s, the San Juan Mountains lured fortune seekers to Colorado with visions of silver and gold.  By the mid-1870s, the Sheridan Mine was the first in a string of local claims and a tent camp was established in the valley below. Originally called Columbia, the rowdy mining camp became a town in 1878, and changed its name to Telluride.
With the coming of the railroad in 1890, the remote boom-town flourished. A melting pot of immigrants seeking their fortunes turned Telluride into a thriving community of 5,000. Prosperity abounded and Telluride was full of thrilling possibilities. But when silver prices crashed in 1893, followed by the First World War, the mining boom collapsed. Miners moved on and the town’s population gradually dwindled from thousands to hundreds.

In the 1970’s, Telluride reinvented itself. Legendary powder - a different sort of gold - was being mined. When the Telluride Ski Resort opened in 1972, the character of the community changed, and the town spun back into high gear. Born of the same spirit as skiing, cultural events, festivals, music, and performing arts were founded, and flowed through the seasons. It was again a time of thrilling possibilities. Telluride now has a reputation for world-class skiing and a stunning ambiance.

Due to its significant role in the history of the American West, the core area of Telluride was designated a National Historic Landmark District in 1964. This listing is the highest level of historic status available to sites designated by the United States Secretary of the Interior.  Telluride is one of only four other Colorado communities with this honor.  The sites are so special that, in theory, they are eligible for consideration as national parks.

Citizens are committed to preserving Telluride’s historically significant architecture, open space, and traditional design elements, and most of all, Telluride’s small town mountain lifestyle.

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Telluride is my kind of town, y'all!


  1. What breathtaking views! Just looks so peaceful.

  2. Good morning, Ron! Telluride looks like such a charming town--I know Natalie and I would love strolling through the town and shopping. :) I'm so glad that you got to meet your "idol" RL--have you washed your hand yet?! ;) Looking forward to the next blog about your trip! Have a great day! xoxo

  3. Lovely pictures, especially the ones of people.

  4. We lived in Montrose for a year when my hubs was on a job there. We skied Powder Horn and loved every minute. Telluride used to put on a fantastic 4th of July parade and when we were there, in the 60's,the town was full of the cutest hippies. hahhaa...loved it.
    The country is so beautiful around there. My sis in law lives in the beautiful Rideway in one of those quaint houses with the steep roofs so the snow will slide off easier.
    So glad ya'll had a good time. We are just getting home from a Colorado and New Mexico trip.
    Ever been to Red River, NM..?? Sooo fine !!

  5. Have only visited Telluride once, and had a terrific time. We spent a week, hiking and enjoying the ambiance of this quaint town. The box canyon made it feel differently than other small towns. Thanks for the look back. Glad you two are enjoying a grand summer holiday.

  6. Your trip looks like it was fabulous. I miss you soooo much! Glad you got to visit your BFF RL's ranch. So perfect for YOU. xoxoxoxo


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