Thursday, July 31, 2014

I heart Hard-Covered Decorating Books.

Hard cover. Glossy pages. Colorful, well-documented photos.

I have never met a decorating book that I did not like. I have quite a collection sitting on the floor, on the entry table, on coffee tables, and on shelves. I love to keep them handy as to allow easy access from time to time.

cabinet of natural curiosities

My most favorite is also probably my most expensive one, Cabinet of Natural Curiosities. Of course, I love the Ralph Lauren one too.

ralph lauren

Some of my other faves include: Audubon’s Aviary, House Proud, big, easy Style, Hunt Club Style, An Affair with a House, Patina Style, and Paula Deen’s Savannah Style.

audubons aviary big easy style house proud hunt country style patina style paula deen stacked stacked2

Do you have any favorites? How do you display your collection?

I also had a great lunch at the Audubon Clubhouse Cafe with Jeannie and Lisa, two of my former coworkers from the 90’s. It is always fun to catch up gossip!

cheers jeannie and lisa

Decorating books, y’all!


  1. Me too, but you and Sister far surpass me :-) I love all of your books and how welcoming your home is. I seriously wish I was curled up in your chair with one of those books drinking out of an oyster mug and watching GMA with you right now!! xoxoxoxo

    1. I'd love if you were here! Get here soon. xo

  2. I stacked mine up and topped them with a silver tray and made a side table out of them! I've just ordered copies of two of the old Nell Hill books I seemed to have missed. Her "Style At Home" is my favorite.

  3. You have a great collection of books, Ron.

  4. I love decorating books too. Mine are mostly packed away in a closet because I don't have open shelving to display them in places that I would want them. You have a great collection!

  5. Love your collection, what fun it would be sit down with a cocktail and just dream your way through some awesome homes!

  6. I am drooling over your collection!! Love the cover on the first one you featured. I love my Carolyne Rhoem books. If I pack light Amanda should fit in my extra bag! LOL Miss Itty Bitty!!!

  7. I have a lot of coffee table books, and my favorite one is House Proud, Chapter 7 <3. I also have The Southerner's Handbook that you wrote a post about. I need to think out of the box to display all of my favorites. You gave me some ideas. :) Have a great evening! Cheers! xoxo

  8. You have a nice collection! I put mine out in a couple of areas to have easy access to also but I'm in the little league compared to you!

  9. Love all your books, Ron. I see a few I have the same. When I go to bookstores that is the first area I go to check out what's new. I have been going through my collection, too, and posting about them. It's been a help because I came across a few I will be giving away. I thought I went through them all when we moved, but I guess I just threw some back into the moving box to decide on at a later time.

  10. Do we need library cards to borrow? :) Lovely books! I have more cookbooks than of my addictions.



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