Monday, September 29, 2014

Thanks for the Flowers


I am feeling much better and will return to work tomorrow. Thanks to all of you for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.


I am certain that I will be exhausted tomorrow as my physician has informed me that it may take a couple weeks to be “normal” again. I am taking it slowly, day by day.

Though I do not like to be or feel ill, I am so appreciative of all the love I have received. From the delicious meals, to the gifts, to my visitors, and to the flower deliveries, I am one lucky guy. The smell of my home from the numerous flower arrangements is intoxicating.

You know I love fresh flowers, so here are the ones that I received in the last week.

Thanks to the Clement’s & Pearce’s.


Thanks to BFFs Greg & Mark.

greg and mark2

Thanks to BFFs Michael & Joey.

m and j

m and j3

Thanks to Tracy, Craig, Aunt Wanda, and families.


Thanks to BFF Sal.


Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers today as I head to a full day of school.

Fresh flowers, y’all!


  1. Good morning, Ron! Those flower arrangements are beautiful, and I know you have been enjoying them. Your house is a "veritable flower shop"! Take it easy today as you are only one week post op.Have a great day! xoxo

  2. Have a great first day back! You did get a lot of nice floral arrangements!

  3. What beautiful flowers you received! I'm so glad to hear that you're well enough to return to work now. I'm assuming that your doctor was able to treat you successfully too.

  4. They are all so beautiful. I imagine the smell is heavenly. Praying your first day back is an easy one!!

  5. All the flower arrangements are gorgeous and I bet your home smells so great. Good luck on your first day back to work.

  6. Lovely flower arrangements! Feel better soon!

  7. I hope you take one of these bouquets to school with you to place on your desk. A bit of kindness and beauty at work makes it easier!

  8. Your flowers are beautiful and your friendships are beautiful, too.
    Hope the first day back to work isn't TOO hard...I know you will be tired but hoping you can have a good dinner, a hot shower and to bed early.

  9. Beautiful flowers, Ron! You are loved, indeed! Best wishes as you return to work! Glad to hear that you are feeling better!

  10. Your one lucky guy! I think you've received more flowers in a week than I have in a lifetime~ clearly I need new friends :)

    Take it easy!

  11. Ron, I hope your day went well. I know it takes a long time to recover from any kind of surgery! The flowers are amazing, it's nice to be so well loved! Glad you are doing so well. Big Hugs,

  12. Ron- I hope your day went well. Did your dr or anyone tell you to expect some possible joint pain or unexplained achiness? When they give you anesthesia your body has no way to "dump it". You can't get rid of it with bathroom "duties".. it has to kind of "seep" out of your body. So you may have some shoulder pain or even some hip pain (usually it's at joints). Just wanted you to know because it takes a long time for that to wear out of your system. The longer you were "under" the longer it takes for it to be completely out of your tissues.

    Make sure you get lots of rest and don't overdo it.

    Love to you- your flowers are GORGEOUS. You are much loved.


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