Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Clean-Up


J & I spent most of the day today putting away all Christmas decor. It makes me so sad to take down the decorations for my favorite time of the year. I usually wait until January 6th, but since school resumes tomorrow I wanted the house put in order and cleaned.





The Mardi Gras season starts this week, so I am certain that next weekend will be spent decorating in all things purple, green, and gold.

parlor2 good

In the parlor, I even made a switcheroo with the chairs and end tables. The houndstooth covered chairs flank the fireplace. I love chairs flanking any fireplace.

parlor3 good

I moved the hide and leather chair in front the window.

parlor5 good

parlor 4

The hide rug is also more prominent in front of the mantle.

Here is also how the stair parlor looks today.

stair parlor

stair parlor table

stair parlor table2


It was a great holiday season, but the work week is upon me now.

Clean-up, y’all!


  1. Have a great week back at school! Parlor looks great!!!

  2. The parlor looks fabulous! Your home looks lovely, not empty. Cheers! xo

  3. I worked on getting all our Christmas stuff away this weekend too Ron...back to reality tomorrow:-(
    Your house looks beautiful!!

  4. It is sad Ron to have to take down all the pretty decor you had up. I know you will have fun decorating for Mardi Gras. Good luck with starting back to school.

  5. Looking good Ron! I like the chairs flanking the fireplace (I just unflanked mine-lol!) Have a great first day back to school (ours are all closed due to the winter weather). I'm ready to escape this area already- the Mardi Gras sounds like fun!

  6. Good morning, Ron! I'm with you on being sad having to pick up the Christmas decor. Your house was so beautiful again this year, and I'm sorry that I didn't get there this Christmas season to enjoy a little Christmas "cheer" with you and J. I guess I'll have to come when your home is decked in its Mardi Gras splendor! The parlor looks great--I'm liking the chairs flanking the fireplace. Have a great day! xoxo

  7. It's nice to see someone else who waits until the Feast of the Epiphany or 12th Night. I'll be busy tomorrow after work taking down all things Christmas but packing everything up means there's only one more day until we can officially eat a King Cake! The oldest Bonus Daughter made a bread pudding on Christmas Eve from one they brought with them from Rouse's...dee-lish!

  8. It is definitely much more enjoyable to decorate for Christmas than it is to undecorate! We are making good progress here, however. We're not quick to take things down before the New Year.

  9. I find that putting away the decorations is a little bittersweet.....Love those houndstooth chairs!


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