Monday, February 9, 2015

It’s Carnival Time {Weekend Musings, February 6-8}


We spent the first weekend of the carnival season walking back and forth to the numerous parades which passed by on Napoleon Avenue. It is so great to visit with our neighbors and friends along the route.


I also love sitting on the front porch sipping a cocktail and watching the parade-goers pass on their way to the parades.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous this weekend. I can only hope that the remaining days and nights of the Carnival season remain as beautiful.

Waking up to coffee tawk, a Bloody Mary or two, watching parades, and dining with good friends make for an awesome weekend.



bloody mary





ron and jeff

shane aislynn



nyx purse

I am in love with this photo taken by BFF Mari Ann last night as she was leaving the house.

night time facade

Weekend Musings, y’all!


  1. Love that photo of your home! WOW!! What a fun weekend and looks like you got a purse thrown your way! Gosh I love this time of year, good friends, good drinks and Parades...the best!

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend! i bet living in NOLA is never boring. I love that last photo of your house. It looks like something out of a movie!

  3. Good morning, Ron! Yes, the weather was perfect for the parades this weekend! Is that Tina Wong with the hat? It sure looks like her. Love your house all lit up at night! Have a great day! xoxo

  4. That last photo is stunning! Isn't this the best time of the year on the Gulf Coast? We attended one parade this week (photos on my blog today) and I can't imagine having one after the other like you do. What fun!

  5. What a life!!!! Even though I'm older than you guys, can you and J adopt me??!!

  6. Party time...yea! Looks like a blast to me. I am enjoying the photos from you and J's adventures. xo

  7. Looks like it was a fabulous weekend! Your home is stunning, as always, and I've gotta say I love J's IU shirt :)!!

  8. What a fun weekend! I am so enjoying the photos of all the celebrations.


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