Monday, March 2, 2015

Eating Uptown {Manhattanjack}

As mentioned yesterday, Monique, J, and I walked to a neighborhood joint, Manhattanjack located on Prytania Street.
We filled our hung-over faces with delicious breakfast choices.
manhattan jack
J dined on the pretzel bagel sandwich (griddles Virginia ham, Swiss cheese, egg, dijonaise sauce, served on a pretzel bagel).
Monique devoured the Western omelet bagel (bell peppers, onions, egg whites, and American cheese).
I enjoyed the crispy fried chicken biscuit drizzled with honey.
chicken biscuit
buttermilk biscuits
We sipped on our coffees and shared some good ole coffee tawk.
Check out these red dress cookies. Part of the proceeds go to help the American Heart Association.
red dress
I love that we have another place so close by to enjoy a delicious breakfast.
Manhattanjack, y’all!
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  1. Love breakfast out! Yummy food and good for the 'morning after'!!

  2. How you could eat that if you were hung over is beyond me. I would have been out in the gutter in front of the place gagging to think of food. lol You are a "good" drinker. lol
    LOVE the food and those red dress cookies are so cute I pinned them. xo Diana

  3. Yum! Those look like hearty breakfasts! Glad that you had a good visit together.

  4. I think breakfast is my favorite meal, these all sound delicious.

  5. Ron, I heard that this place is amazing. I want to try it out too. Hugs, Shannon

  6. Good morning, Ron! I'm putting Manhattanjack on my Pinterest board. Nothing like a good, hearty breakfast to "feed" a hangover! Looking forward to checking this place out! Have a great day! xoxo

  7. Hi Ron,
    Love your photos of all this yummy food. It's early morning here and you've made me hungry!!!
    I'm a new follower on your blog and it's because I read your comment on Nana Diana's blog about blogging peeves. Loved your response. I think your photos are wonderful. My blog isn't perfect but I enjoy it. The worst thing I've done was to join Google+ and now I can't get rid of it. I liked blogging better when it was just "simple."

  8. They all look and sound so good. It's funny because I have literally never desired a walkable neighborhood until now. Funny as it's been constant snow and cold, but I'm thinking about moving to a very walkable neighborhood. My favorite restaurant being there doesn't hurt :)
    Eggs are a very good thing to a hungover body.

  9. The next time I visit the great city of New Orleans I shall make a point for you to make me a list of all your fav restaurants!...the food looks amazing!

  10. Ron, The chicken biscuit looks fabulous. You can not beat the food in New Orleans.


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