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J & I were fortunate to be able to celebrate 50 years with BFF Mari Ann. A beautiful soiree was held at The Steakhouse in Downtown Hammond. The restaurant was closed in order for Mari Ann to celebrate with her closest family and friends.


Upon arrival, we were greeted by a birthday version of a “Step & Repeat”. I am definitely copying this for my 50th. I thought it was a great idea and makes for amazing photos. I have never met a step and repeat that I did not like, so photos were snapped, and snapped, and snapped.

jeff ron #collarfail #fixmycollarplease

jeff ron sal ken

el and don

sal ken

The interior was decorated in 50th balloons, hydrangea centerpieces, and novelty gifts such as personalized cups and koozies.








Table settings set the tone for a nice, classic soiree.

The sit down dinner featured choice apps, entrees, and sides. Menus were elegant. I selected the Caesar salad, filet, and baked macaroni.


I wish I would have taken a photo of the delish red velvet cake, but it was devoured before I could even think about snapping away. The cake certainly meant a great deal to Mari Ann as it was prepared by a baker who has been preparing cakes for her family since she was three. If you run into Mari Ann, ask her about it.

I am always amazed when folks recognize me from my blog. Case in point, a follower came up to me during the party to introduce herself and say that she is an avid reader of Uptown Acorn. We chatted for a while, and I am happy to have another friend from this little blog. It was great meeting you Kay and your friend Amy.

fans2-good Kay is on the right.

kay amy

It was great seeing so many friends that we do not get to see often due to busy schedules.

ellen kathy ken


john chris

kathy ron jeff

mari ann marie

mari ann

marie and jeff

sal jeff ron el don

MAC is 50, y’all!


  1. What a great way to celebrate turning 50! It was one of my best birthdays for sure. I'll be 65 in June and I am hoping to party all month long! Hey, making it to 65 is worth a long celebration don't you agree?

  2. Good morning, Ron! Happy 50th birthday to Dr. Mac! Looks like it was a great party. I love your Spring green pants, by the way. :) Have a great day! xoxo

  3. Ron, looks like a fabulous 50th for Dr. Mac! Oolala, red velvet cake sounds scrumptious, bet it was! Also looks like everyone is enjoying some libations! Too fun! Great pictures, thanks for sharing!


  4. How fun Ron! What a nice way to celebrate her birthday and how nice that a blogger met you there!

  5. Mari Ann is a lucky girl to have such cute friends.

  6. Happy 50th to MAC, Ron! What a wonderful tribute to your friend. Looks like you all had a ball. I am just sorry you ate that cake before you took a picture of it!!! lol xo Diana


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