Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It’s Beginning to Smell like….




Along my Uptown walk last evening, the smells of Uptown wafted through the air. I love this time of year, but I’m not certain my allergies agree.

Blooms such as jasmine, gardenia, and ligustrum fill the warm air. The flowers are so pretty and quite intoxicating.




What is blooming in your neck of the woods?

Spring smells, y’all!


  1. Oh Ron, nothing like the sweet smells of spring! My favorite are jasmine, gardenia and orange blossoms!

    Have a wonderful and happy day!

  2. Our Dogwoods seem gone but the Iris's are blooming.

  3. Oh gosh, yes. These blooms are so wonderfully fragrant! Loving our south La weather right now, too.

  4. Oh boy I wish I could smell all of that! Looks like the place to be right now! Hmm...I better warm up the jet and get down there! :)

  5. Only our Forsythia are blooming right now...our flowering trees should start in the next few weeks. I bet it smells heavenly in your neighborhood...it all looks so pretty!

  6. Wow, Ron, I bet that jasmine smells amazing! We lost our huge jasmine plant to an ice storm last year. It would be blooming right next to the patio right now.

  7. Good morning, Ron! I have to say that the last couple of days have indeed been Spring-like weather. Hoping that it stays around for a while. I just love the smell of flowers in the Spring, and I'm sure that the scents in Uptown are indeed intoxicating! Have a great day! xoxo

  8. Camillia bushes on each side of my steps- that's what I'm smelling!!


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