Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Weekend That Was... {May 22-25}

J & I headed out Friday to my “happy place”, Grand Isle. We stayed with Monique at Kajun Kastle and enjoyed a picture perfect weekend. There was a consistent breeze from the Gulf making it so tolerable.

 Upon getting to the island on Friday evening, we headed to our fave island dining place, Hurricane Hole. After a couple cocktails, we enjoyed a delicious dinner.

Coffee tawk is always better at the beach.

We relaxed beachside on Saturday and Sunday visiting with many of our May-September besties.

I am trying to train my nephew John David to enjoy the beach as much as I have during my 47 years.

Cheers to lazy days on the beach with great friends and family.

40 years have passed since this photo was taken on Birch Lane on Grand Isle, and I still LOVE it there.

Memorial Day Weekend, y’all!


  1. Ron, It looks like fun and your nephew is adorable!

  2. Ron, I'm so glad you had a great weekend with friends and family. Your nephew looks like he will enjoy the beach a lot! He is so darn cute!

  3. Here's to a summer filled with good times, good friends and good food (oh, and throw a cocktail or two or there for good measure).

  4. Your nephew is adorable. Looks like so much fun. I sure miss my beach days at Lake Erie when I was growing up and now I don't even go to the Pacific Ocean. I see that you were having so much fun I just may go. Enjoy your Summer Vacation and have lots of fun fun fun.

  5. Nothing beats time on the beach! Glad yall got to go!

  6. Cheers to you, Ron! Love the cute photo of you on the beach as a young child. Priceless!


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