Friday, July 10, 2015

Timothy De Clue {Seattle: Day 2}

Along my daily walks, I discovered another Seattle gem on First Avenue, Timothy De Clue Collection. I was first intrigued by the nautical elements used in the beautiful windows. A mixture of new and vintage items, the shop is a pleasant visual experience for your eyes.

I adored the lighting, vintage trophy collections, as well as the numerous well arranged vignettes.

Timothy was in store when I visited, and he could not be nicer. He had a career as a visual merchandiser which is highly evident in his namesake shop.

I was happy to purchase a few goodies which are being shipped to my door. I will share with you later. It'll be like Christmas for sure.

Enjoy the photos and add this shopping gem when you visit Seattle.

Timothy De Clue, y'all!


  1. Ron that store looks right up your alley.... Can't wait to see what you purchased 😜

  2. Beautiful shop!! Looking forward to seeing your new additions...have a fun trip!

  3. Ron,
    This place looks amazing. I bet you found some great treasures. Went eye shopping through your pics a few times!!! Glad you are having a great trip. Enjoy.

  4. Love the silver octopus! Nice way to "exercise!"

  5. I'm getting jealous! I'm absorbing everything here! I already went looking for the Voluspa candles!

  6. Good morning, Ron! That store is so you! Looking forward to seeing your purchases from the trip! Have a great day! xoxo


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