Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Watson Kennedy {Seattle: Day 1}

Can I just start by saying how beautiful Seattle is? I spent my very first day discovering the many things this city has to offer.

I cannot tell you how wonderful the temperature is. Highs near 80 degrees makes for one happy traveler. With the amount of walking I did yesterday (over 15,000 steps), I cannot believe I did not even break a sweat. I digress!

Ever since J indicated our travels to the Northwest, I knew there was one (or two) spots that I would visit, Watson Kennedy. I have followed the daily blog, Ted Kennedy Watson, for a while and love the daily inspiration thoughts and photos. I have perused the stylish website for months and ogled over the many curiosities and one-of-a-kind finds. The well-curated mixture of new and vintage items really consumed my attention.

After exercise and a shower, I made my way to discover the two Watson Kennedy locales in Seattle. Have I told you how much I love the walk-ability of Seattle? The two shops, Watson Kennedy Fine Living (in Pike Place Market) and Watson Kennedy Fine Home, are located just 5 or 6 blocks from each other.

When I walked in WK Fine Living, I think my jaw hit the floor (literally). Put this destination on your list when in Seattle.

I had to walk around this well-appointed shop at least three times to take it all in. Olivia, the "shop keeper" was one of the friendliest and knowledgeable salespersons I have encountered.

Jars and bowls of curiosities- vintage keys, stamps, buttons, billiard balls, etc. filled the shelves. The collections were like none other that I've seen before. Candles galore, barware, serveware, linens, lamps/lighting, lotions, reads, cards/stationary, and much more are beautifully displayed throughout each space. The attention to detail is surpassed only by the joy I felt as I perused each and every vignette.

I know I spent almost an hour and a half in WK Fine Living. I then proceeded down First Street to discover WK Fine Home. The facade is breathtaking. This destination is considerably larger with a greater selection of home goods such as oils, jams, condiments, and lots of great barware.

I love how many of the shop's vignettes were arranged by color. As many of you know already, I love green. Upon walking into the space, I was greeted by a display of green goods, the color green that is. WOW!

I was most excited when the proprietor, Ted Kennedy Watson, waited on me at the counter. Of course after some "idol" worshiping, Ted gave me a list of suggested restaurants and shops. He was also kind enough to snap a photo with his admirer. Do you hear that Ralph Lauren??? LOL!

Have you gotten your jaw off the floor yet? These photos, some mine and others from the WK facebook page and internet, do not do the justice visually of both shops.

Yes! I did purchase several unique items all of which will be shipped to my front door. I cannot wait for the treats. I will definitely share with you later on.

You can check out Watson Kennedy: click HERE.

Check it out. You will not be one bit disappointed. Watson Kennedy is a treat for your senses.

Watson Kennedy, y'all!


  1. Ron!! Those are some amazing stores! I'm 'green' with envy that you are in Seattle and having so much fun shopping!

  2. I have always wanted to visit Seattle and this post makes me want to research flights! Enoy the rest of your vaca!!! If you ever find your way to Western NC, give me a holler

  3. Nice. I look forward to seeing all of your treasures and if I were to guess at one of your purchases, I'd say that oyster dish. And speaking of oysters, Etta's is a great place to get them. Enjoy.

  4. Ron - These shops look divine! Thanks for sharing. Next time I'm in Seattle, I'll definitely make a bee line there. Have fun on your vacation!

  5. I'm pushing my jaw back up! Wow what a great experience! How fun that you met the owner too! Sounds like great weather. Portland has been experiencing an elongated heat wave- perhaps it will settle down by the time you're there. :-)

  6. Good morning, Ron! OMG, I am so jealous of that weather in Seattle. I know you were in "shopper's Heaven" in Watson Kennedy. Those two stores look amazing and classy, and I can't wait to see the treasures that you scored. I'm with Susan--if you didn't buy that oyster dish, I'll be surprised! My credit card would be smoking! Enjoy your day! xoxo

  7. Oh my, I could spend hours just looking at the photos of the two stores!!


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