Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Haunted Halloween {Stair Parlor}

One of my favorite rooms to decorate seasonally is the stair parlor, the room at the base of the stairs. The stair parlor is a room that everyone passes through and houses my favorite antique find, a clock table set on a draftsman table base.

I used the deer antler arrangement by Dunn & Sonnier and added Halloween-inspired touches to it. I love the dark greenish-black leaves on the white aspen branches.

A glittered hand, a cast iron spider, and wasp nests fill the base of the arrangement. A glittered chain and black crows complete the haunted vignette.

On the table, I love to use stacked decorating books. The crowned skull, skull & crossbones votive, spooky hologram all increase the spooktacular fun.

I adore vintage bottles and magnifying glasses. I incorporate them in my decor seasonally, and they work so well during this spooky season.

In the niches, I filled the apothecary jars with skulls along with a glittered hand and chain.

Antler arrangement: Dunn & Sonnier
Aspen branches: Pottery Barn 2014
Wasp nests: The Paris Market, Savannah
Cast iron spider: AKA Stella Gray
Crowned skull and glittered chain: Little Miss Muffin
Hologram photo: Hazelnut New Orleans
Vintage bottles: Cielo Home, Portland
Shiny skull: Grandin Road

A Haunted Stair Parlor, y'all!


  1. Just spectacular Ron. I love the way the twigs have the black foliage on them, it really makes for a creepy effect. I am about to decorate for a Halloween party on the 24th and will be posting soon, i hope you have a chance to check it out.


  2. Good afternoon, Ron! The stair parlor vignette is absolutely SPOOKtacular and creepy chic! I love everything about it! Have a great day! xoxo

  3. oh I wish I had your enthusiasm for Halloween! I've just never loved it. I'm already too busy worrying about glittering pinecone place cards and setting up my Thanksgiving bar. Looks great!

  4. Excellent job Ron- love each detail! This is one of my favorite decorating spots in your home.

  5. Hi Ron,
    Your stair parlor vignette is so great. I love how you have such a knack for your vignettes. They are truly fun and works of art.

  6. Your stair parlor looks spooktacular!!!!

  7. I always enjoy seeing how you decorate, Ron! It is often "hit and miss" around here.:-)


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