Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Haunted Halloween {Parlor Mantle}

With each passing season, the parlor mantle is one of my favorite places to transform.

I am having so much fun using the vintage double-pan scale.

This year, the lower mantle features a vintage microscope that I purchased from an antique shoppe in Carmel, IN. I added one of the preserved insect specimens to the slide. As a science educator, I adore vintage science-type equipment. 

A trophy cup filled with pheasant and peacock feathers and a framed creepy hologram photo add to the Halloween spirit.

On the scale I added a foiled pumpkin, a silvered skull dressed with a fancy chapeaux, and a glittered hand. 

A vintage kodak box camera adds to the vintage Halloween flair.

Vintage leather-bound books add to the vignette.

At the base of the mantle, the large clam shell hold glittered hands, glittered chains, and eyeball orbs. Spooky fun!

The upper mantle shelf features two new prints. More later....

Double-pan scale: AKA Stella Gray
Vintage microscope: Carmel Antique Market, Indiana
Hologram photo/preserved insect: Hazelnut New Orleans
Vintage Kodak box camera: Thea's Vintage Living, Portland, OR
Skull/Eyeball orbs: Grandin Road
Glittered hands: Little Miss Muffin
Chapeaux: Razzle Dazzle

Haunted Halloween Mantle, y'all!


  1. Is that Liberace's skull? Looks great! I hope you're having a Halloween party.

  2. Good afternoon, Ron! Loving the SPOOKtacular vignette on the parlor mantle! Love the skull with the hat. Have a great day! xoxo

  3. Love your spooky mantel. You have really embraced Halloween. You have some great piece to thrill your guests. xo

  4. Cool. cool. cool...very befitting a beautiful NOLA home...just fabulous Ron!!!

  5. That skull is an amazing piece, Ron. How fun - I always love to see what you do for each season. Hey! My daughter just moved to Carmel, IN. She LOVES it! Even though it is pretty far from home she has fit right into the area and feels "at home" there. I can't wait to explore the town a little bit. xo Diana

  6. Oh how fun Ron! Love the glittery skull and the big clamshell loaded with eyeballs and chains! I'd call this Goulish Refined!

  7. I love the eyeballs in the clam shell! Looks awesome and my my how jealous I am of all your wooden biscuit jars! Also I love the spider on your blog header tooo perfect!
    Haus and Home

  8. I love it all. I have been searching for a double scale. The hunt continues. Happy Fall!!!

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