Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Flashback {Halloween 1972}

From decorating a scarecrow in my front yard to attending Halloween bazaars, being a 4 year old in 1972 was certainly fun.

I hope you have a Happy Halloween whatever night your parish/county celebrates Halloween.

Halloween 1972, y'all!


  1. What fun pictures to see, Ron. You were a really cute little boy! xo Diana

  2. Oh my goodness! Look how little you were. I was in the 2nd grade at that time. We will be having trick or treaters tomorrow night. I need to stay out of the candy too!

  3. Ron you were such a cutie. How fun to have these memories. Happy Halloween. Enjoy the week end.

  4. Good morning and Happy Halloween, Ron! Love looking at your throwback pics! Enjoy your day! xoxo

  5. How fun Ron! I remember those plastic trick or treat bags with the little handles that snapped together! We ended up using pillow cases when I was a kid since the paper bags they often sold for trick or treaters could get damp and break. No fun to have your candy fall to the ground! Wishing you both a fun halloween!

  6. You remind me of my little brother with those blonde curls.


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