Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How Does My Garden Grow? {Spring 2016}

I love springtime. I love the greens, and the budding blooms of the season.

Sweet olives. Indian hawthornes. Foxtail ferns. Hydrangeas. White begonias. I love them all. 

The garden makes a great entrance to the front facade of my home.

The sugar kettle and copper cranes add to my Southern decor.

Springtime, y'all!


  1. Good evening, Ron! Your front garden is beautiful--your house should be on the Spring Tour of Homes--seriously. Have a great evening! Cheers! xoxo

  2. Your garden is beautiful, Ron! You are so lucky to have warm weather most of the year. I can't plant any flowering annuals until about May just in case of frost...not like I have a green thumb or anything.

  3. About those hydrangeas....what color will they be? Do you amend the soil? Of course, I'm currently in NE Wisconsin.....ours haven't bloomed for a couple of years. The last time they bloomed they were pink! YUK! I neeeeeeeeed blue!

  4. Your garden is beautiful and I love the water feature.
    I agree with Ginger (above)- your house should be part of a spring tour.

    I hope you will share this at Thoughts of Home on Thursday this week.
    Just stop by my blog to join in.
    We would love to have you!
    Enjoyed visiting,

    White Spray Paint

  5. Gorgeous. Everything looks so lush and green.

  6. How does your garden grow? Beautifully!

  7. I always love seeing your garden in the springtime!!

  8. Beautiful and welcoming! Someone spends a lot of time keeping it looking so appealing!

  9. I love springtime too and if it EVER arrives in Connecticut, I'm sure I will love it again. It is April 20th and they are predicting frost temperatures tonight AGAIN. I want to dig in the dirt, I want to plant my lavender, rosemary, roses, etc. etc. etc. but I can't yet. I will live vicariously through your blog and wish we had moved south years ago.

  10. Thoroughly enjoyed the garden tour. It is certainly that time of the year!
    Thanks so much for joining us at TOHOT-we are also having a garden party link up with share your cup on Monday-please join in:)

  11. Oh Ron that crane birdbath is just gorgeous. What an absolute delight this post is!!! Thank you so very much for joining the gathering at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.

  12. Oh my goodness, that garden right by the porch is stunning! Gardens that are full and lush are my favorites and that's just what you have. Love all of that green foliage. Are those foxtail ferns all mixed in?

    So glad you joined Thoughts of Home today. I'm just going to count on seeing you Monday for the garden party. :)

  13. What beautiful, lush planting. I am starting to create a garden in our new-old house and am always looking for ideas.

  14. Oh, my goodness! I am so impressed with the way your garden grows.

    Thanks for sharing with the garden party.

  15. wow, it is absolutely breathtaking! Your ferns are gorgeous. Spring is my favorite season and I too love the renewal of things. Green is such a cool and refreshing color in the garden. Thanks for sharing with the Garden Party.

  16. So glad you shared your marvelous Southern garden with us:)
    You will be featured tomorrow at Thoughts Of Home On Thursday too!

    Happy Gardening from me to you!

  17. Your garden is so pretty, Ron! I love how full everything is! Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. Fantastic presentation - I love all the shades of green blended to perfection. You must admire this everyday.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  19. I do so love your porch and yard - sitting on your porch would be so lovely.

  20. Ron,
    Oh, how I do love all the green in your front gardens, dear one!
    Month upon month we see brown here on the Prairie of clay soil and dry, arid heat!
    Visiting from The Garden Party!

  21. Ron, your garden is so beautiful. It's obvious what time, effort and love you have put into it. What a lovely spot. I noticed that you have a leopard plant. We have 2 and they just keep growing and are so unique and pretty.


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