Friday, August 19, 2016

MAGNOLIA Classroom Makeover

All I can say is that Ms. Nixon, a sixth grade math teacher, is one lucky educator. The team from Fixer Upper with Chip & Joanna recently partnered with a local magazine in Waco, TX to redo a local classroom. Ms. Nixon was selected.

Can you imagine having your classroom overhauled by this team? I would love it so much to have the input and resources of such a great and capable team. The room has me at shiplap, of course.

I hope Ms. Nixon and her 6th graders appreciate and enjoy this classroom all year long.

See the Magnolia Classroom Makeover: HERE

Fixer Upper, y'all!


  1. Wow! What teacher wouldn't like to get this?

  2. Good morning, Ron! Ms. Nixon is one lucky lady. Her classroom makeover is beautiful and classy. I'm sure you took away some ideas for the future! However, your classroom this year is fun, creative, and motivating! Have a great day! xoxo

  3. How darling! Thanks for this post, Ron!

  4. They have done so much for Waco! Thus classroom is terrific But honestly when I see how you prepare your Science Room it makes me what to go back and do it over! You are so creative and thoughtful! I had wonderful teachers in school but few as enthusiastic! I save Boxtops for Education to send to my husbands high school in IL. which is still being used as a grammer school, built in 1927... FONDLY! Bev Martin

  5. Love it...and yes, ship lap! Reminds me of an old one room school vibe.


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