Thursday, November 3, 2016

Giving Thanks for ... {My Job}

I know. I know. I wish I were retired, but I am fortunate to have a great job with great coworkers at a great school, St. Paul's Episcopal- Lakeview.

I am a certified secondary science educator. My major is chemistry education and minor in biology. I am also certified in physics and Earth science. In the past, I have taught 8th grade Earth science, 9th grade physical science, and 4th/5th general science.

Currently, I teach middle school science --- 2 sections of 6th grade Earth Science (10 students each section), 2 sections of 7th grade physical science (11 students each section), and 1 section of 8th grade life science (18 students).

I am a 7th grade homeroom advisor as well as Science Olympiad chairperson and Coastal Roots coordinator. I tend to wear numerous hats and there is never a dull moment. I have always said that I could teach forever if we were not made to do so many extra things outside of the school day.

I am thankful for a great job and the ability to work.

Thanks for a Job, y'all!


  1. I know your students adore you. Maybe I would have done better in science if I'd had a classroom like that ;-)

  2. Teachers cant wait till they retire...I am one who has...but those smiling faces and energetic kids keep you young and "with it." ha. I am still in contact with some of mine from years and years ago. And I love it. much for which to be thankful...sometimes the everyday stuff makes us forget.:-) Including myself here too. sheila

  3. Simply the best teacher ever. You deserve Teacher of the year. You make everything fun! xo

  4. All these science things, biology, etc. makes my head hurt! :) More kids need great teachers like you. Work as long as you can and as long as you enjoy it! You're making a positive difference in these young lives.


  5. As I have told you before Ron you are my hero to be a teacher. You make such a difference in the kids that will be in charge some day. Thank you for your dedication to your profession.

  6. Ron, I love, love, love your classroom decor and your excitement for learning. What an impression you make on your students! I wish I had a teacher like you who made it come alive. Even though my children don't attend your classes, I'm thankful for teachers like you! What a blessing you are.

  7. I'm sure your kiddos are incredibly thankful for you, too. They're lucky to have you!

  8. Good morning, Ron! I adore your classroom--I really love how you are carrying the periodic table theme with Thanksgiving! So, clever. I can't wait to see how you decorate it for the Christmas season! Your students are lucky to have you. I would look forward to going to your class everyday! Have a great Friday! xoxo

  9. It's so fun how you come up with a theme each year. Your students are blessed to have a devoted teacher like you. Yes many things to be thankful for indeed!

  10. What would we do without our great teachers? Science is one of my son's favorite subjects because it's so interesting. I just wish he felt that way about Math too. Looks like you teach at a great school!

  11. Ron, your love of teaching and working with young people just shines. We are thankful that you are making science interesting and relevant for these kids. I was not very interested in science in school (back in the dark ages) but you would have made a difference in my education. Guess I'm a little old to join in on one of your classes. You are indeed a blessing...

  12. Ron I turned 66 this past September and I have been retired for almost 4 years. I am not going to lie to you - it is WONDERFUL!!! Don't wish your life away. I think you are touching these children's hearts as well as their minds and I hope you can do it for a long time. Sorry I have to be anonymous because I don't know how else to do it. Patty


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