Monday, October 9, 2017

The Haunted Parlor {Halloween 2017}

Come on in if you dare!

The parlor is the first room that you enter when visiting my home. The fireplace and mantle are the first things you see as they create the focal point of the room.

This year the mantle features two tortoise glass candle holders which when candles are lit make an "spooky" appearance at night. Two trophy cups filled with porcupine quills and an actual mounted black tarantula add to the Halloween vice.

Glittered hands and crows signal that Halloween is near. I also love the framed creepy girl hologram. She is scary! An apothecary jar with feathers and black aspen leaves highlight the autumnal season.

Esmerelda stands at attention on the mirrored chest in the front window. She has been with us on Perrier for more than 8 Halloween seasons.

The shelves also feature some glittered gourds and more spooky hands mixed with finger sea sponges. Creepy!

On the secretary desk, a skeleton skull and hand add a simple seasonal touch.

I love holiday decorating, and Halloween in New Orleans is no exception.


Halloween 2017:

Haunted Parlor, y'all!


  1. LOVE it, Ron. What a SPOOKtacular job you did there. I bet it is fun to walk the streets in your area and peek into other parlors. (not that I think you are streetwalker, you understand...).
    Have a wonderful night! xo Diana

  2. Great job as usual.
    Where do you store all your seasonal decor?
    I envy your energy and joy.

    1. We have a 3rd floor attic and loft area. I have stock in plastic bins....LOL!

  3. The mantel, hands down (haha, pun not intentional) is my favorite. The tortoise candleholders, the wooden barrels with handles, the hologram, the porcupines.....all of it!
    Love those sponge fingers in champagne bucket too - that it eery, for sure.

  4. Good morning, Ron! You have the coolest and most ghoulish Halloween decorations! I always look forward to seeing your parlor during Halloween, and I adore Esmerelda. Have a great day! xoxo

  5. Excelllent job Ron! Love the spooky things mingled in with your dec. I like skeleton head with the hat on the secretary desk!


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