Sunday, December 31, 2017

Best of 2017

Thanks to all my readers and followers who have supported this lil blog over the last year. I love to look back at the analytical data to see what posts received the most views. The ten top posts starting with number 10 are:

10: Celebrating Birthdays 02/25/17

9: Revamp Your Wreath 11/26/17

6: a Four and a Nine 03/09/17

4: HOPpy Easter 04/16/17

3: RETIRED! 04/01/17

1: R.I.P. John Arnone 05/07/17
We miss you so much, Jaawwwn!!! 

2017 has been a year filled with highs and lows. Thanks to all of you for following. Stay tuned for more in 2018!

Best of 2017, y'all!


  1. It was a year of change for sure! Guess you and I get to celebrate the big 50 together this year. I think that calls for one spectacular cocktail.

  2. I have loved visiting your blog, Ron. I try not to miss a post but do sometimes due to real life getting in the way. lol Wishing you and J the very best of everything in the New Year. Hoping for no more losses and all good things to come your way. xo Diana

  3. wishing you health, happiness and prosperity in 2018!

  4. Good morning and Happy New Year, Ron! You know I am your biggest fan, and I love your blog posts! Wishing you and J an awesome 2018! Have a great day! Cheers! xoxo

  5. Love your blog, your regional flair, and your home, Ron!

  6. Love always coming along with your many fun blog posts Ron. You had a great year in 2017 and now moving onto 2018 it will be even more fabulous. I know you miss your friend John. His mission here on earth was done and God called him home. I know he is watching over all of you. Glad you have those wonderful pictures and memories of him. May the new year bring you lots of joy each day, much happiness and always wonderful new adventures.

  7. Awww I love this recap of your year. I always enjoy the Uptown Acorn posts and look forward to your latest decorations and adventures. Happy New Year, my Rooooonnnnn!


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