Thursday, February 22, 2018

#tbt {My Lent}

This post originally appeared on Uptown Acorn on February 23, 2012 (6 years ago). I thought it might be good to revisit my Lenten thoughts. Today, they are about the same though Jersey Shore is no longer on TV and Abby Lee Miller is in jail for tax evasion.

As the Lenten season begins, many Catholics from all around make the annual decision to “give up” something. This got me thinking. What should this good Catholic (no laughing) boy “give up” this Lenten season?
Should it be….
Diet Coke (my drink of choice) ???

Chips (salty, over sweet) ???

Reese’s Peanut Butter cups (guilty pleasure…never eat just one) ???

Alcohol (what? no cocktail pics on facebook?) ???

Reality TV shows (No NeNe. No Abby Lee. No fist pumps. No way!) ???

Yelling (Jeff says I yell too much. I say I just have a loud tone.LOL.) ???

But, I think rather than “giving up” something this Lent which is so hard for me to do I will instead set out to exercise more and drink more water.

And what will you “give up” this Lenten season?  Or better yet, what do you plan to do?
Please comment below and let me know.
Happy Lent, y'all!


  1. Good choices for your health! Way to go ...

  2. So, how did that work out for you? LOL I really really like the idea of 40 bags in 40 days...would be so nice to go into spring with less stuff.

  3. Drinking more water is always a good choice!

  4. Although I am not Catholic, I decided to give up cake and pie. Oh boy, its been tough! For some reason, when we rode by our local Shoneys today all I could think about was Hot Fudge Cake!

    On a positive note, this is how my brother stopped smoking several years ago. He made it through Lent and never went back.

  5. These are great choices! I'm working on exercising more, too. Being Greek Orthodox I give up meat during Lent, too. Wishing you a blessed Lent!

  6. Good for you, Ron! I am doing a twist on the #40Bags40Days purge challenge. I am purging #40Boxes40Weeks from my vintage stash and sending to 40 recipients. It's been cathartic!
    Have a great weekend.

  7. I stopped chocolate or anything with chocolate forty years ago and never went back. It’s amazing how you can lose your taste for something. This year, it’s cake, cookies, pie and donuts, all baked good, really. I plan to do the same thing. I love my sweets too much.

  8. Probably most of us need to give up sweets.


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