Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Life of a Science Educator {Dissecting Pigs}

It is always an interesting day as a science teacher, but animal dissections get the most reactions. Today, the third grade class culminated their study of the body with the dissection of a fetal pig. Under the direction of Mrs. Durand and Miss Andrepont, each student could locate and find the vital organs like lungs, heart, intestines, and more. You can definitely pick out those students who will be more apt at a medical field in the future.

Gloves on. Goggles on. Aprons on. These young scientists went to work on the fetal pigs.

For the LOVE of science, y'all!


  1. I can't believe they are doing that in elementary! Ha, we had high school girls that couldn't handle the frog. LOL Fun times.

  2. Good evening, Ron! Wow, I don't even know what to say about this blog! I sure hope those students learned something. I don't think I could have done that! I'm with Simply LKG--the frog grossed me out! I admire all you science teachers! Have a great evening! Cheers! xoxo

  3. Third graders, wow, I'm impressed! I love best that you can tell which ones are the most likely to become the scientists. Me? I would've been the one on the sidelines, checking off the list of things we had to find - the accountant, lol
    Have a great weekend, Ron.

  4. I remember my fetal pig dissection ~ I loved it! I can't remember what grade we were in, but it was later than 3rd grade ~

  5. We did this in High School. No gloves back then, and the team that stretched the intestines out the longest in the courtyard without breaking them got extra credit. It was on that day I realized what chitlins were. #sciencesouthernstyle.
    You are an awesome teacher.

  6. Well, I had planned on going out for BBQ tonight but maybe not! ha

    Very impressed on how young these students were. I don't remember doing any dissections until 11th grade biology.

  7. Oh my gosh, this brings back memories!! I could never do this.

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