Thursday, May 3, 2018

Crabs and Nets Platter {Caskata}

I cannot wait to do some summertime entertaining. I love this crabs and nets platter I received recently from BFF Camie and family. The size is generous, and I could visualize it filled with cheeses, grapes, and more deliciousness.

It is from Caskata and was purchased as part of our wedding registry from the Timothy DeClue Collection. I am loving all of the selections from the Caskata collection. Entertaining will be so much fun.

Crabs and Nets, y'all!


  1. It is beautiful Ron. Reminds me of the Bayou.

  2. Oh- I LOVE this one, Ron!!! It is the Perfect Platter! xo Diana

  3. A nice complement to the monogrammed platter!

  4. Good morning, Ron! Definitely the platter to entertain with for summer! Have a great day! xoo


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