Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Acorn Cottage {The Tile Guy}

There is more tile going up (all the way up) in the master bath. Things are moving along.

Meet Nathan, our tile guy. We are most impressed with Nathan's expertise and devotion to his trade.

Also, brass sconces in the guest bedroom were installed today. They will look great over the end tables. I am in love with the articulating arm.

The Tile Guy, y'all!


  1. Ron love love love the tiles going up. Nathan looks like he is moving quickly and doing a great job for you. Love the sconces too. You are moving right along.

  2. It is really coming along. Love those sconces

  3. Good afternoon, Ron! Today is August 1--hopefully, 14 days until move in! Nathan, the tile guy, is doing a great job! Can't wait to see the bathrooms finished! Love the sconces for the bedroom, too, and seeing the progress! Have a great day! xoxo


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