Friday, October 11, 2019

Make mine a {Smokin' Oldy Old Fashioned}

If you've been reading The Uptown Acorn, you know my cocktail of choice is always a Ketel One martini with a couple olives, so when we visited the 1847 bar at the Grand Hotel recently this cocktail spoke to me, a Smokin' Oldy Old Fashioned. The craft cocktail was absolutely perfect in every way. J and I craved the cocktail the next night too. Cheers!

The Smokin' Oldy old fashioned is a perfect cocktail for the Fall season and beyond. The choices of old fashioned cocktails is also impressive. Just read the descriptions... mouth watering!

From the Grand Hotel website:
Every great hotel has a great bar to steal away to, and 1847 is ours.  1847 is home to the beverage arts, with Grand Garden-to-glass crafted cocktails, local libations and signature wines by the glass all getting in on the act. The setting of choice for savoring house-made elixirs, quiet conversation, or the easy company of new friends.

Smokin' Oldy, y'all!


  1. $14 for ONE drink?!?!?!?!?! That is INSANE!!!
    More money than good sense...

  2. Good morning, Ron! There is nothing better than craft cocktails, and I love a good Old Fashioned--this one definitely peaked my interest! Cheers! Have a great weekend! xoxo


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