Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Best of 2019 {Most Viewed Posts}

I love to look back at the posts that you, my readers, viewed the most. Thanks for your support over the last year, and thanks for reading along. Though I did not blog as frequently or participate in link parties or posts, many of you read my posts and commented. For this, I appreciate you!

Here are my top 10 most viewed posts. You can click on each title to revisit any or all posts.

I hope you will continue to celebrate the life and times of the Uptown Acorn in 2020.

Check out:

Best of 2019, y'all!


  1. This is the first time that I've seen the before and after of your cottage. Absolutely love the changes that you made. I'm very much a blue person , but there is nothing as pretty as a white house. Love the copper awning that you added. Just Perfect! Best wishes for a wonderful 2020!

  2. I missed a couple of these while I was deep in the throes of my downsize, but I LOVE that backyard furniture and green velvet sofa! You had a very good year, Ron, and whipped your cottage into a jewel box of a home. Happy New Year.

  3. Good morning and Happy New Year, Ron! Keep those blogs coming--I really miss it when you don't share a post even if it is just a thought on what is going on in the world. Enjoy the rest of your holidays! Cheers! xoxo


Thanks for reading and commenting @ The Uptown Acorn! I love hearing from you. Cheers, y'all!

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