Monday, December 23, 2019

Deck the ... {Dining Room/Den}

We spend so much time in the rear of the house that it is always fun to decorate the den and dining areas. The colors of red, green, and gold are used again to celebrate the spirit of the season.

A small tree in a silver wine bucket is filled with natural elements, pheasant feathers, pine cones, oyster shells.

Greenery and red satin ribbons along with small wreaths decorate the antler trophies.

Here's more in the dining room:

I adore the tinsel bar cart tree filled with cocktail-inspired ornaments.

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Christmas in the Dining Room & Den, y'all!


  1. LOVE IT, Ron! Those trees are so cute and I love the antlers all gussied up for the Season. That picture of the trees in the bayou in your dining room is gorgeous! Such a moody feel to it! Love it-
    Hope you and Jay have a blessed, Merry Christmas. xo Diana

  2. Wow, those pomegranate ornaments! So many unique decor items, all beautiful.

  3. Good morning, Ron! Love the dining room as well as the other rooms. The tinsel tree in the wine bucket is so classy, and I have adored the tinsel bar tree for as long as you have had it. Of course, those pomegranates I have always envied. Have a great day, and Merry Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas! Cheers! xoxo

  4. love your decorating!!! you always have such beautiful taste and find the most unique and special things!! i would hire you in a heartbeat to decorate my house if you ever need a side hustle haha!

  5. Beautiful Ron! My mother would love your Egret painting.


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