Monday, May 4, 2020

Flowers: Agapanthus

I adore the recent agapanthus (Lily of the Nile) blooms in the front garden. Although I planted the white variety, there must have been some "hanky panky" with pollination as the blooms have turned lilac in color. No matter what, they are certainly beautiful and have been in bloom for a couple weeks.

Agapanthus, y'all!


  1. I love these and have seemed them often in gardens when visiting Florida. However, I think when I researched them they don't grow in my zone (Mid-Atlantic). I have only seen them in purple and didn't realize they came in white also. Perhaps, yours was mis-labeled but just as beautiful!

  2. Good morning, Ron! I love agapanthus! I had purple ones growing in my front bed, and for a number of years they kept coming back in the spring, but lately they haven't been blooming--maybe, they needed to be fertilized. :( Anyway, yours are beautiful! Have a great day! xoxo

  3. Mine are BLUE!--I don't do blue. They were labeled white. They were for my white garden. Who puts BLUE flowers in a White garden?! So I had to move them. Yours look as though they belong. You do everything well! and they are lovely (even if they're
    supposed to be white

  4. Those are beautiful and I love their color!


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