Monday, June 8, 2020

Getting Through the Quarantine...

Reading blogs and stalking instagram have been a favorite activity for me during the quarantine. Two instagram accounts that bring joy and laughter to my life during this time are:


Many of you may remember Brandon as Paula Deen's personal assistant and decorator extraordinaire. He also spent time on Bravo's Southern Charm: Savannah. Most recently, he and his husband purchased and renovated the St. Francisville Inn in St. Francisville, Louisiana. My favorite parts of his instagram account include his visits with his precious mom (during the "pamallemic") and his "stalking" of his hot gardener. His account is a must follow!


I remember Leslie Jordan most as his stint on Will and Grace as the brash Beverly Leslie. "Well, shit...What are y'all doin'?"
His instagram account is filled with short videos of his thoughts and ramblings during this pandemic. His love of Britney is also a source of joy.

Instagram joy, y'all!


  1. I love Leslie Jordan. A big fan. He just makes you laugh. Have a great week ahead Ron.

  2. Good afternoon, Ron! I'll have to check these two out on Instagram! Thanks for the suggestion. I saw pictures of the flooding on GI--so sad. Did any of our friends flood? Have a great afternoon! xoxo

  3. I need to check out Brandon. Leslie Jordan is a hoot! Glad you didn't have flooding from Cristobal. That is a a cool name, though, am I right??

  4. I recently discovered Brandon and absolutely love him and his instagram feed! He is so entertaining and their inn is absolutely gorgeous. I was not aware of his connection to Paula Deen. Since we live in BR, his inn is just a short trip away. I've been wanting to go for lunch and take a peek at his fabulous grounds.

  5. I stayed up half the night laughing at Leslie Jordan! What a funny, funny man!
    I totally agree wit him: it's time for this to stop. Thanks for sharing!


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