Friday, September 10, 2021

Hurrication {Atlanta-style}

 I'm baaaaaccccckkkk!

Jeff and I arrived home from Orange Beach, AL last Thursday (September 2) to check on the house and clean up the yard. We slept without electricity (and AC) in the Acorn Cottage and then headed to Atlanta, GA for the week. Remember, J and I lived in Atlanta for years, so we have many good friends who were willing to host the "evacuees." It was really nice to be back, see friends, and visit some of our favorite places. Thanks for all our friends for checking in on us.

Welcome to ATL! I do not miss this. Traffic!

We were lucky enough to be invited over by one of our BFFs Camie(and her husband Greg). They own a charming home in Virginia-Highland, so it is close to many of our favorite places. You may remember that Camie just visited J and I in July. Who knew we would see her so soon. Thanks, Camie & Greg (and their son Jason) for the wonderful southern hospitality.

No trip to ATL is complete without a stop at our favorite lunch spot, Taqueria Del Sol. The margaritas, shrimp & corn soup, and fried chicken tacos are still AMAZING!!!!! Yum!!! I did not want to leave.

Since we were on the Westside, we made a pass by our former home. It is sad to see the condition of the yard. 1770 Marietta Road just isn't the same. 

A jaunt through Boxwoods Garden & Gifts (my most favorite Atlanta shop) was a must. It was great to see my favorite salesperson, Michael. More of what was purchased later.

We visited the newish Ponce City Market, a huge development of eateries and shops along the much hyped Beltline. It was packed.

We also passed by the Enclave at Renaissance, the first place that J and I lived together. Who remembers the epic soiress? What memories!!!

Dinner reservations were made at Murphy's, yet another Virginia-Highland gem. Sitting outside in weather that felt like early Fall was absolutely welcome to us.

A nightcap at the Highland Tap is always a must. Cheers!

J and I were also fortunate to visit with my bestie Amanda of Dixie Delights fame and her hubby Ward. They hosted us for an afternoon of swimming and grilling. It is always amazing how we simply pick up where we left off after the last time seeing them (which was February 2020). Their home is so beautiful and was excited to see their new pool and outdoor area. In true Dixie Delights fashion, everything was perfect. She is always the hostess with the mostest.

Another favorite that I cannot get enough of is Agave located in the Cabbagetown area. The cayenne fried chicken is still one of my favorite meals ever.

We were even able to check out our BFF Marty's newish digs in the Dakota.

J and I spent a great "hurrication" in the ATL. It was a great visit with great friends, but I am happy to be back home with electricity and of course AC.

I am still in awe at how much Atlanta (especially the Westside) has changed in the 13 years that we've been away. Atlanta will always hold a special place in my heart. xo

Hurrication, y'all!


  1. Hey, Mr. Blue Eyes! Well, give you a hurricane more often as you seem to be having a great time! I'm really teasing as it's a horrible thing. When we lived in Galveston we went through Ike and it ain't fun! Hope you'll pop in to see me sometimes as I started a new blog -
    My old ones "Note Songs" git the dust. Hope your lovely abode didn't get too much damage.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Wonderful that you are able to be back home and have electrical power restored! How fortunate that you have such good friends! It appears that you were entertained in a most excellent fashion visiting the city of your former residence!

  3. Loved your ATL adventures! You should post a side-by-side of your ATL home -- then & now. I remember your pictures when you & J lived there, so GORGEOUS. Cheers.

  4. Welcome home! Hurrication - I like that! Wow, that pool is spectacular!

  5. We're just south of Amanda and had Louisiana family with us a few days. So happy yall are safe and the house is good !

  6. Awesome. It's always sad to see a former home not taken care of the way you would. All I can say is NOLA must be an absolute sauna if you felt Atlanta was like fall sitting outside, lol. Can't wait to see what you brought home from Boxwood.


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