Saturday, January 7, 2012

MONDO...not so "fond-o"

    Last May, one of my students gifted me with a Mondo gift card as a thank you gesture. Yes! I was pleased. J & I finally made it to Susan Spicer's newest venture, Mondo in Lakeview. They do not allow reservations for parties of less than six. We were there for a quarter to seven and had to wait in the bar for 50 minutes. While in the bar, we sipped on our cocktails and perused the menu selections.
  Once seated we waited another 10-15 minutes for our waiter to even approach the table. That seemed like an eternity. Once he did finally greet us, we ordered yet another round of drinks and an appetizer, the Thai shrimp & pork meatballs. When we received the appetizer, let's just say it was very chewy---kinda rubbery. We enjoyed the spiced cucumbers much more than the main app. Not a great beginning!
    For dinner, I ordered the Mondo Burger with griddled onions with gruyere cheese and fries. J ordered the Gulf fish menuiere.

     The food was presented beautifully. Both meals tasted fine.
     We did not wait around for dessert as I could not wait to get home to sample my newly purchased Manny Randazzo's king cake.
     J & I were both thinking that we have become so accustomed to great NOLA restuarants like Upperline, Clancy's, Commander's, and Mr. B's where the service and food are what makes an enjoyable dining experience. The service at Mondo's was a miss. Our waiter seemed preoccupied. The restaurant was busy, but not as crazy-busy as many popular NOLA establishments. I am glad we finally tried Mondo, but we will not be rushing to get there anytime soon. Was it an off night for Mondo? In my view, yes!

     In the words of my mom, Honey, "It was okaaaay"!


  1. It's too darn loud in there too!

  2. We ordered the lamb when we went and it was pretty good. Also, the friend green tomatoes as an app were tasty. It's not one of our top picks but it was a nice, try it once kind of place. Sorry to hear it wasn't a great experience for yall!


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