Friday, February 17, 2012

I LOVE Superior Seafood! (And Announcing Candle Give Away Contest Winner)

     Weeks ago I posted about the opening of Superior Seafood on the corner of St. Charles Avenue & Napoleon. Well, I have been 4 times since, so you can say that I am “hooked” on Superior Seafood.
     I crave the frozen pomegranate mojitos. Addiction? Yes! And during the Mardi Gras season, they have even set up a bar outside where the libations are overflowing. I know I’ll be walking a block down to get my new favorite frozen concoction.

I have tried many different meals so far. From the spinach & artichoke dip to the drum fish, from the shrimp & grits(my personal fav) to the cheese burger & fries, from the house salad to the bacon wrapped shrimp, all food choices were hits. We recently celebrated BFF LK's birthday with a late lunch.

     The raw oysters are amazing too!

     The atmosphere, service, and menu selections are all spot on. Welcome to the neighborhood, Superior Seafood. I am sure you’ll be a great “friend” for a long, long time.

     Thanks to BFF LK for some wonderful photography.

Happy Dining, y'all
DRUM ROLL, please!!!...........
     The winner of the first Uptown Acorn Give Away, a king cake Fleur de Light candle is ......

Ginger Gaubert !!!
Congrats to follower, Ginger!
Cheers, Ginger!

Happy Birthday to BFF, Mark Bowers!!!

 Cheers from NOLA!!!


  1. Wow, food at Superior Grill looks amazing!

  2. I think the candle give away was rigged!! LOL! Congrats Ginger! Hopefully they'll be more give aways- but I do look forward to your blogs!


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