Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tis the Season for Oak Pollen.....Sniff, sniff!

There was certainly not much of a winter this year in New Orleans, and now my sinuses are paying the price. The pollen from the neighborhood oaks is everywhere- on my car, my rockers, my porch, and in my nose.
As a "geek" science teacher, here’s a lil science lesson for you today.
Did you know?
“Male and female flowers on an oak tree are situated on different parts of a branch. It is the male flower that contains the oak pollen. Male flowers, or catkins, look like long worms hanging from the oak tree during spring. After the stamens release pollen into the air, the catkins fall to the ground. The pollen hangs mist-like in the air before descending onto the female flowers and fertilizing them. Oak trees use the wind to pollinate the female flowers.

Oak tree pollen adversely affects a large number of allergy sufferers. This is because the tiny grains are carried on the wind and irritates sensitive mucous membranes. Oak pollen season can start as early as February and run through the end of June.” Here in NOLA, the oak pollen season is at full peak.

I am one of those individuals who is adversely affected by the oak tree pollen. I cannot wait until the oak pollen season is over. But then again, it is the start of spring, so what’s next?
Are you suffering?

Zyrtec. OJ. Kleenex. Advil. Nettie Pot.
I am in need of relief, y'all!

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  1. You would know that the male flower is the "culprit" with the pollen! Ha! Fortunately, I am not one who suffers from allergies. Thanks for the science lesson. Hope you get some relief soon! :)


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