Sunday, May 20, 2012

How does your garden grow?

As you are well aware of, I went from a huge, expansive lawn and yard in my Atlanta home to a small front yard and courtyard out back in my present New Orleans abode.
front facade 3 
The small front yard features my sugar kettle and an array of cast iron leaves(aspidistra), indian hawthorns, caladiums, begonias, white bacopa, aztec grass, and purple heart(which keeps growing and multiplying). I am happy to report and show you that so many of my caladium bulbs from last year emerged once again. I did plant some new ones, but I certainly did not have to. The caladiums are now taking over my begonias in the center. They are spectacular, so I guess it is not such a bad thing.
There is one lone hydrangea plant salvaged from near the road when we moved in. It is thriving presently. I will have to mess with its pH because I’d prefer more bluish-colored blooms.
For mulch, I have been using the shredded pine needle variety. I like the way it continues to decompose into the soil.
Here is a sneak peek at the courtyard (more at a later date):
back courtyard 1

Click here to see my Atlanta yard:
Grow on, y’all!

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  1. What a gorgeous garden-even if it is smaller than your previous one. (I looked at that one,too, and it was BEAUTIFUL). You have a good eye for plants and composition! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday- xo Diana

  2. You sure have a green thumb--beautiful! :)

  3. What a little jewel box of a garden! I'm amazed at the caladiums since it doesn't look like you have shade in the front yard. Did you have to dig them up in the fall when you lived in Atlanta? Mine never came back and I gave up on them. I love aspidistra, don't see them often here even though we're in zone 7b. Love your sugar kettle. It adds such a soothing element to the garden.
    Hope you're having a great weekend,

    1. Hi Babs-

      I never dug them up in Atlanta, but they never came back either. I guess the winters were too cold. I have morning sun in the front yard. I bought the caladium varieties that would grow best in the sun. xo

  4. Can you share the source of the bird pillow that is on the leather chair? Your garden is beautiful, done to perfection.

    1. Believe it or not, I found it recently at my local Steinmart. I love it when I find a bargain. xo

  5. THANKS for letting me know where you got the pillow. Can't wait to go to Baton Rouge and check out our Steinmart! Also planning to make a trip to Thibodaux to go to Chic Chateau!

    1. Thanks! Be sure to tell Debi & Ashley that you follow my blog! xo

  6. Ron, your New Orleans garden is a jewel. Love the sugar kettle "pond". I like the mix of color and texture in your garden and also enjoyed seeing the Atlanta garden. Thanks for sharing and happy gardening.......Sarah

  7. Wow, amazing gardens in both your homes. Took a tour of your blog, and you have a beautiful home. Happy to be following you my friend on here and on Pinterest. Diane

  8. I love how you arranged the garden area! It has a big impact for the compact area it uses!
    Well done!

  9. Ron, sometimes I think small is better as it narrows your focus and your list of tasks. I am more than overwhelmed with now two acres (only one is landscaped).I love how you have planted around the water feature. It is lush and lovely. I have many annuals come up every year in our warm Georgia climate. Begonias and gerbia daises come to mind. hugs, olive

  10. It may be a small garden, but it packs a lot of punch-- (of color!) to the fron tof the beautiful sea-blue home!

  11. LOVE your sugar kettle fountain. My husband grew-up in uptown, and all of his relatives still live there....(mostly in the garden district). Your front garden and French Quarter style courtyard are lovely!

    Linking from The Polo House,
    Ricki Jill

  12. First of all, your house is fabulous! And while it's true you don't have a lot of space, you have made the most of it with your charming garden. Really wonderful.

    Stopping by from The Polohouse.


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