Thursday, June 7, 2012

Raising the Bar {Part One}


Originally a TV armoire that J bought and used in his very first condo (J says it is the only piece of furniture of his that I kept), the TV armoire has been used for years as a dry bar or should I say a convenient place to store various bar needs.

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With a photo shoot looming at my home in a couple weeks, it is time for me to spruce this “dry bar” up. I will spend some of my free summer time working on this piece of furniture that remains closed because frankly I am too embarrassed to open it due to its cluttered, messy appearance.

So, be it as it may, I can show you my things that are not perfect--- the bar is one of them.

Stay tuned as I rework and reorganize the inside over the next couple weeks. Check back periodically for updates.

Glassware, decanters, carafes, ice buckets, cocktail books, tea towels, cocktail picks, bottles of brew, trays, placemats, a lamp, bowls….. the dry bar is a hot mess. Here is how it looks today:





What do you think? Suggestions?

Raising the bar, y’all!

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  1. Wow, that is a hot mess. I don't have any suggestions, but I can't wait to see what you do with it. Who/what is going to feature your home--Southern Living? ;)

    1. Now that we have a bar, this piece of furniture has been used to store "junk"! I can't wait to get it organized. I can't say.... The designer is doing a coffee table book and is coming out in 2013. It will also be featured in a holiday magazine. xo

  2. Oh Ron, whatever you do to that bar will be perfection! My one comment is to add a mirror to it..........either cut to fit the back of it or one hanging with a fab frame :-)

    1. Dotti- a sunburst mirror was already ordered.... Waiting for delivery!! I had a mirror in it once, took it out because I did not like the frame. We are on the same page. Stay tuned! xo

  3. We all have these hidden 'gems' somewhere in the house : ( What exciting news on the photo shoot!

  4. What is that cardboard box at the bottom left? Thought you would have come up with something better.


    1. Gotta love my Mother's comments.... Honey! It is a wooden wine crate. I would have never used a cardboard box. Really? You ought to know me better than that! xo


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