Friday, June 8, 2012

Raising the Bar {The Reveal}


Summer Job #1- Organize the Dry Bar!


Today was such a dreary, rainy day, so I made it my mission to reorganize and stylize the dry bar armoire.

You saw the before: Click here!

Here is the during. Those who know me know that I despise messes on the counter and states of disarray.

1 2


Now, let’s take a look at the dry bar armoire after the “makeover”.


Sneak peek!


Open! Open! Open!


Small changes make a BIG difference, don’t they!

On the main shelf, I purchased a water hyacinth basket tray from (get this) Walmart for only $14.97. In the basket, there is a New Orleans toile ice bucket from Hazelnut, a cocktail book, In the Land of Cocktails by Ti Martin (proprietor of Commander’s Palace), a couple limited edition bottles of Absolut (Boston & New Orleans), cocktail napkins in New Orleans toile, olive cocktail picks, mini cocktail shaker, and a NOLA toile tea towel. The shelf also houses my collection of cocktail recipe books, basket weave carafes, martini pitcher & stirrer from Michael and Joey, and a small lamp which is the source for lighting.


The wine rack hold some of my favorite wine glasses from B.D. Jeffries in Atlanta and other favorites.


The sunburst mirror is a new find from Chic Chateau in Thibodaux.


On the top shelf is a collection of champagne, wine, pilsner, and double old fashion glasses.


At the very bottom is a wine crate filled with different alcohols, a pewter dish filled with my collection of antler-handled barware, serving trays, and another water hyacinth basket with seasonal napkins.

14 15

16 17

In the drawers of the armoire are a collections of cocktail napkins, bottle stoppers, and spreaders.

18 19

So, how did I do? What do you think?


I Raised the Bar, y’all!


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  1. You certainly did "raise the bar," Ron. Wow, what a makeover--love it. You were one "busy bee" yesterday! :)

  2. It would be a shame to close the doors! Looks great. You didn't tell us about that glitzy-looking urn in the left back - are those beads in it..........can you elaborate?

    1. Dotti- Wow! You noticed. I will refer to this object on your behalf in an upcoming blog. I made a couple changes today. Stay tuned and thanks for following! xo

  3. Looks great. I miss the days of summer projects when school was out. Everyday is the same now. :(

    1. Well? Ask Salvatore to give you summers OFF (with pay, of course!). xo

  4. What a difference----fabulous! the lamp really makes the new mirror sparkle and I like the corks in the martini pitcher.

  5. Your bar looks like it's ready for a Summer party! All your changes make it so open and inviting...not that the other way wasn't inviting..but you know what I mean. :) Great seagrass/raffia covered glasses and carafe and what a great basket from Walmart.

  6. I really like it. I just found your blog from Shenita. I'm a new follower and am also from Louisiana. My blog is LouLouSucre. I would love if you stopped by for a visit.


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