Friday, July 20, 2012

Messages on Tin {Creative Signage} and a Spartan Visit


This is a post that is long overdue.

When J and I were in Hammond in April, we admired the creative tin art by BFF Mari Ann hanging around her yard. I was pleased as punch when she offered to paint two separate pieces for my backyard.

The first one in blue “Be Nice Or Leave” is a slogan I see at many local restaurants and bars around town. I could not agree more with this sentiment. NeNe of the Real Housewives of Atlanta is credited with the oh so powerful, “Klonk”. I love the creative use of oyster shells.


The second one in red “Cheers y’all” is a favorite saying of mine. I love a good cocktail or three, so this saying is perfect in my home. For now, I have it hanging outside but will certainly bring it into the bar for entertaining very soon. I too love the creative use of bottle caps and wine corks.


Thanks, MAC!

And I was overjoyed yesterday to visit with some of my former coworkers from my days as a science teacher at East Thibodaux Jr. High from 1994-2001. Several friends, Jeannie(Ms. Spinella), Merline(Mrs. Prejeant), Ann(Mrs. Jordan), and Mona(Ms. Hatcher), traveled to NOLA for a visit. We enjoyed great drinks(Arnold Palmers w/ vodka), tasty nibbles, and juicy gossip. Lunch at Superior Seafood complimented our day! Let’s do it again soon. We laughed, and laughed, and laughed….. Geaux Spartans! Great memories!



Aaaaaaah, a blog containing great friends. Friends are forever!

Be Nice or Leave, y’all!



  1. Love the signs! Looks like you had a good day with your Spartan friends. Gotta make a trip to the city before you go back to school! Have a great weekend! <3

  2. Hi Ron, stopping in for a visit by way of Vignettes blog. I think I overstayed my visit. :) Loved reading your blog and am now following. Fun signs! I made one for our screened porch from some old tin that simply says: "Go Away"..... in jest of course, but it always elicits comments. We are having a rainy weekend too but it gives me an excuse to not do yard work and just read fun blogs. Hope you are enjoying yours. ~ Lynn


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