Friday, August 31, 2012

Coming Home...Post-Isaac

J & I returned home today.

I guess you can say that we are certainly lucky as there is NO damage at our home. We are thankful for no damage but there was certainly a huge mess when we returned yesterday afternoon. Leaves and sticks were everywhere!

Here is how it looked....

Front yard


It took J and I hours to get things cleaned up, but the yard is back to "normal".

We are still without electricity. It is HOT. I hope Entergy connects us soon, or I might melt.

This map from Entergy shows the power outages in red...not good:(

Thanks to all my blogger friends for the prayers and thoughts. I love hearing from you.

Please keep those families who were less fortunate in your prayers. There were many people who had to evacuate due to rising flood waters.

Goodbye Isaac, Goodbye!


  1. I am so glad that there was no heavy damage to your home. Cleaning up the yard was a big job but it could have been so much worse. I hope you get your electric back on soon. It is awful to be without power- xo Diana

  2. Ron, I am so happy for you to only have to clean up. You are right many others will need much help. I am sitting here worrying already about how much rainfall we may get. It's too much too late, for some of the crops. I am not a farmer but I hear them complaining. Take care, Susie

  3. Wow! So glad you had minimal damage at your home. Hoping you get power soon...tooo darn hot for sure.

  4. Such good news and hope you have power again soon. Glad Isaac is gone at last from your neighborhood except for the scars he left. Flooding in your surrounding area is surreal. Take care and have a restful weekend, hopefully with your air-conditioner purring.

  5. So glad you are home safe.....hoping your power returns soon.....Isaac is headed our way and we really need the rain....stay cool....

  6. Ron, I am so glad that you didn't sustain any damage to your home! Hopefully, you'll have power restored soon. Still praying for those who suffered from the flooding...unbelievable!!

  7. You were in my thoughts and prayers-glad all is well!

  8. Ron, I'm happy you had no damage to your lovely home (clean up's a pain, but so much better than damage to the house).

    I just discovered your beautiful blog last week and you have an wonderful home. I love love love everything about it!!!! And I love love love Louisianna, I'm a Michigander (which I also LOVE), but LA has a place in my heart. The people are amazing and the food, well there's no words to describe it. Love oysters, crab, shrimp and anything Cajun.

    Well, I could go on and on, but I'm so thankful all is well for you and I'm continuing to pray for those less fortunate in the wake of Issac.

    Take care,


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