Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Flashback… Atlanta Laundry


It’s Friday already, and I’ll be linking yet again to Kelly’s Korner blog for her Show Us Your Life Series. It is so much fun. Today, I am showing you my laundry room. I decided to show you my Atlanta one due to the fact that it is a room and not a closet. You’ll see a picture of my current one at the end, but the closet is not much to see.


In 2007, the laundry room was renovated to replace the builder basic wire shelving. When our addition was added, J and I decided that our laundry needed a makeover. I wish I would have more and better pictures than I do, but I was not the Uptown Acorn blogger that I am today.

Did you see our complete addition and renovation in an earlier post? Click here!

The addition of IKEA cabinets, custom shelving, and a drying bar made this room more functional. The use of lined baskets on the shelves completed the look.


One aspect of my former laundry room was the fact that it was next door to the master bedroom and bath. Genius! I miss the convenience.

My favorite find in the laundry room was the metal laundry bin from Ballard Designs used to keep my powder detergent.



Here is a picture of my laundry closet today behind the New Orleans toile curtains (Hazelnut, New Orleans). A stackable washer and dryer is not very exciting but functional.




Do the laundry, y’all!


  1. I thought my laundry room was small, but your "laundry room" in your house in NOLA takes top prize. I would kill for the one that you had in your home in Atlanta, though! Have a great weekend! ;)

  2. I don't like laundry, so the smaller the laundry room, the better!!!!

  3. Are you getting any of my comments? I love that you don't have any laundry piles in your pictures!

  4. I have a small laundry room where I had use of every nook and crany of it and I'm so happy with it. I love yours darling. Come over, I'm at Kelly's corner too! Have a happy weekend.

    1. I could not find where to link this week????

  5. I'm stopping by for a visit from Kelly's Korner today.
    You have a wonderful laundry room!
    I love the curtains, the hanger rack and the detergent box.
    I've lived in a house and several apartments over the years. My favorite location for the laundry room is off of the kitchen. I can throw the dirty dish cloths and dish towels in the washer daily. And I like it when the laundry room is a separate room. One can close the door when washing clothes.


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