Friday, October 5, 2012

Dixie Belles {NOLA or bust}


I am so excited (I just can’t hide it…. Pointer Sister reference. LOL!) for my Dixie Belles arrival.


The Dixie Belles and I go back a long ways from my Atlanta days. I worked with One Little Bird BFF Melanie at Georgia Tech. We soon became BFFs discussing our disdain for “work” and our love of decorating. Her sis, Dixie Delights BFF Amanda, soon became part of our Taqueria del Sol long lunches, and she became a BFF soon after.

The three of us love to talk, shop, drink, and eat. I LOVE these girls, and their parents! They are “good people” as we say in the South.


This long weekend will be filled with lots of shopping at my favorite spots--- Oysteria, Little Miss Muffin, Shops at 2012 Magazine; eating at NOLA’s finest restaurants--- Clancy’s, La Petite Grocery, Audubon Clubhouse; and drinking at some really cool bars---Cure, Bouligny, The Columns Hotel.


And of course there will be lots of “parlor patter”.

My Fall Break starts at 3:30 PM, and I cannot wait for my girl’s arrivals. I am OFF all next week.

AmEx. Check!

Dixie Belles, y’all!


  1. I am so incredibly excited!!!!!! See y'all in a few :-). xoxo

    1. Weather will become cooler on Sunday though you probably don't need the winter coat. LOL. xo

  2. Enjoy your visit with the Dixie Belles! I know you are "so excited and just can't hide it!" ;)

  3. Ron,
    Those Dixie Belles truly think that you are the Best Host of the South! You are so kind and generous (and patient?!?) to entertain them with finesse, class and fun. Hope you all have a great time, including Jeff too!

    1. Dotti- You need to plan a visit with them. We would love to have you and Charlie too. We miss you. xo


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