Friday, October 5, 2012

Parlor Mantle {Halloween 2012}


Upon walking into J and I’s residence, one of the first things you notice is the parlor mantle. The mantle changes with the seasons. This month, it’s decked in its spooktacular splendor.


The lower mantle still holds my large clam shell filled with turtle shells, glittered hands, and a black crow. Vintage books, framed “old” hologram photos, flasks with lavendar fabuloso, and skull votive cups fill the rest of the bottom mantlescape.




The upper mantle holds a smaller foil covered jack o’lantern, three silver compotes each filled with a glittered pumpkin, and a couple glittered hands.



A chenille spider web stretches from the upper to lower mantle.


The mantle sets the perfect stage for a bootiful celebration.



Turtle shells, ebay

Glittered hands, Little Miss Muffin

Black crows, Spirit Halloween

Vintage books, Hill Street Warehouse, Atlanta

Scary photos, Hazelnut New Orleans

Flasks, Pied Nu, New Orleans

Skull votives, Pottery Barn

Foil pumpkin, Green Acres

Glittered black pumpkins, Pier 1

Cob web, The Plant Gallery

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Boo-tiful decorations, y’all!

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  1. This is SO "boo-tiful," Ron! I love what you did with the clamshell, and that chenille spider web is so cool! Have a "boo-tiful" weekend! :)


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