Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mr. Skelly Bones


Introducing, Mr. S. Bones!


Look who appeared over the weekend and is already sipping a cocktail.

Sprawled out on the back wicker loveseat, Mr. Bones loves his cocktail of choice, a corpse reviver (as if). He looks as though he is ready to pass out.


Don’t you adore his styrofoam cup, Boo Brew? He loves to get into the spirit of the season too.

I wonder where he will move next. Hmmmm?


Corpse Reviver recipe:

Mixing Instructions

Stir ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass.

Don’t know what Fernet Branca is? Click HERE


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Cheers to Mr. Skelly Bones!


  1. Mr. Bones looks very comfortable on your back porch! Love it!!

  2. Doesn't look like Mr. Skelly Bones is going anywhere anytime soon! ;)

  3. He looks like he would be totally fun to party with!
    I think he has had one too many!
    He needs a couple appetizers to fatten him up a wee bit though!

    Love him.
    Happy Haunting!

  4. OMG what a riot....I love it! Can't wait to see where he makes his next appearance?!?!?! LOL
    Happy Halloween!!!

    PS. Thanks for stopping by my blog to chat. Just took a quick tour of your kitchen....love your bread box :o)


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