Thursday, November 1, 2012

6249 Stompers… {Halloween Fun 2012}


Just in case you do not know who the 610 Stompers are, let me show you a photo or two.

8 IMG_2799

Taken from the website: Mardi Gras. Jazz. Voodoo. The Saints. Just a few of the venerable and unique institutions the great City of New Orleans has given to the world. Now, from the cultural epicenter of America, come the city’s newest icons – the 610 Stompers. Conceived on a simple premise – that Ordinary Men could and should entertain the world with Extraordinary Moves – the 610 Stompers were born in the summer of 2009, just as our beloved Saints began their march to the Superbowl. As fate would have it, the Stompers were baptized in the twin crucibles of the now famous “Buddy D” parade and the “Lombardi Gras” Superbowl Parade – our first two public performances. From there we have gone on to perform in Mardi Gras parades, at Hornets games, on local television and radio, and we’ve lent a hand to many charitable organizations in their fundraising efforts. We’ve even danced on the “Tonight Show”.

It’s been an unforgettable ride, but our best is yet to come.

The 610 Stompers is a diverse group of ordinary men, from their 20s to their 60s. We are doctors, lawyers, professionals, laborers, students, teachers, and parents. We are different but we’re the same, and we’re brought together by our ongoing desire to entertain the world with our “Extraordinary Moves”, and in doing so, give back to the community that we love.”

Click HERE to find out more about our beloved 610 Stompers.

Today at school, the teachers dressed as the 6249 Stompers, the address of our school, strutted our stuff to a packed audience of students and parents. Each of us donned a custom shirt, gold-sprayed tennis shoes, black shorts, headbands, tube socks, a fake mustache, and aviator sunglasses. Dancing to Apache, rhythm or not, we all had a blast. The crowd went wild. Don’t you remember when your teachers performed in skits? Yes, teachers are human.


Can you find me???



1 2 3

6249 Stompers

Extraordinary Teachers.

Ordinary Moves.

I hope you had a Happy Halloween!

Thanks to all of you for your nice comments on my Deen Team “audition” blog. Please check out this post and leave a comment. I appreciate all your support and love:) Thanks to great friends…. near and far!

Deen Team post: Click HERE!

I am off to a Faculty Retreat today through tomorrow, so tomorrow’s blog will be tardy. Sorry!

6249 Stompers, y’all!


  1. LOVE it!!! I just love when the kids get to see their teachers having fun like that!

  2. I remember teachers doing skits and they were always the best. I know you had fun you 'stomper' you!

    hugs, Linda


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