Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween, y’all


I hope that you have enjoyed my numerous Halloween posts. I really have had a blast sharing my ghouls and goblins (spiders and more) with YOU this past month.


I hope that all of you have a happy & safe Halloween day and night.

How are you celebrating Halloween?

J & I are having our annual hot dogs and chili with a few friends. I am sure a cocktail will be necessary too.



Neighborhood kids will be trick or treating at 6PM.

My candy bowl is ready! Is yours?


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Please do not forget to go to my Deen Team post and support my quest to be part of Paula Deen’s blog team.

Click HERE for The Deen Team post.

Trick or Treat, y’all!


  1. Cheers, Ron to a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Love your blog!!! xo, Jill

  2. I can't IMAGINE that YOU would have a Halloween cocktail!;>)...okay- I lied about that- Happy Halloween my spooktacular Southern friend- xo Diana

  3. Happy Halloween to you and J! I'm making chili for tonight, too, and having a cocktail or two myself! Have a spooktacular day! :)

  4. Happy Halloween to you and J. I am going to Houma to trick or treat
    with my younger boys. The Clampett's are coming too. Chauffeur Chris Will drive us in the golf cart in the neighboring subdivision.

    Have a cocktail for me. None on my own. Have to drive back to Thibodaux.

    xox Honey

  5. Happy Halloween! Love your home with the spider decorations! Where did u find them? I have been all over looking for them, perhaps next year I will surf the internet.......

    Love your blog....

  6. Fabulous posts Ron. Certainly got me into the spirit. You might want to call an exterminator to deal with that bug problem ya got there in the morning though! Have a very happy halloween.

  7. I love how you decorated your house ~your spiders are perfect!! Hope you had a fantastic Halloween!! :)


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