Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chipotle {Open in Elmwood}


It has been over 4 years since my Atlanta days that I have eaten at my favorite Mexican fast food restaurant, Chipotle Mexican Grill.


Fresh. Natural. Delicious.

I have loved meals from Chipotle since they opened in Atlanta. I was so happy to hear that a Chipotle had finally opened up in the New Orleans area of Elmwood. It is not Uptown, but I can survive a 10-15 minute drive for my favorite steak burrito bowls.


J & I dined at Chipotle in Elmwood on Sunday for lunch and devoured our delicious burrito bowls. The burrito bowl is served in a bowl, with choice of cilantro-lime rice, pinto or vegetarian black beans, meat (braised carnitas or barbacoa, adobo-marinated and grilled chicken or steak) or guacamole, salsa and cheese or sour cream.


Do you have a Chipotle in your area? What is your favorite thing to order?


Chipotle: click HERE


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Chipotle, y’all!


  1. Those burrito bowls look delicious! My son Matthew lives in a condo right next to the Elmwood Shopping Center and loves Mexican food. I'm sure he will frequent that place! Going to have to make a trip to see him soon and check it out! Have a great day! :)

  2. Ron, I just love Chipotle! We have one about 20 minutes from here and I have never been there when there wasn't a line out the door! They must do a booming business! It really is delicious - especially for fast food!

  3. It really does look sooooo delicious! There is a Chipotle grill in a nearby city but we have never eaten there. We will have to try it next time we are there :o)

  4. Ron, we don't...so we are forced to make up our own..which can be quite nice!


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