Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Family Science Night


As head of our Middle School Science Department, my job also entails putting on the school’s annual Family Science Night. Each year, it is a hit with Pre-Kers thorough 3rd graders (our lower school).


My middle school science students are charged with being “lab rats”, in charge of presenting stimulating events in science. Each student is charged with ONE event.

Some of the events include:

Balloon Bottle: Using Vinegar & Baking soda to cause a balloon to expand. Chemical Reactions!



Outrageous Ooze: Using corn starch, water, and food coloring to make oobleck. Hands-on science! Literally.



Buoyancy Boats: Using a piece of aluminum foil to “build” a model boat and hold pennies. Construction! Who builds the best one to hold the most pennies? Competition.



WORMtastic: Using an earthworm from our school’s garden to see if it likes “moist” or “dry” conditions. Life Science!


Hair Raising Magnification: Using a microscope and a piece of your own hair to view. Cool!


And about 14 more….

For the grand finale, I always do one big demonstration experiment for the audience. This year, I used a leaf blower, a dowel rod, and 5 rolls of toilet paper. Never do this at your own house. Always perform at a friend’s home. LOL.

Fun for all with Bernoulli’s Principle.


Here is the experiment: click HERE!

The “lab rats” and lower school student body are always excited for Family Science Night, and this year was no exception.

I love to have fun with science. Do you?

One more event done…check!

Teacher happy! Teacher exhausted!

Family Science Night, y’all!


  1. I'm sure those young students love those experiments that your middle school students do for them. What a great family idea, Ron! When I was at eLearning, each EC (Education Consultant--the center shies away from using the word "teacher," would have her group (there are no male EC's there!) do an experiment to spark interest in students entering the Science Fair at Nicholls. Have a great day! :)

  2. What a great fun teacher you are! I bet your students will not forget you!

  3. I wish you had been my science teacher!

  4. I always had fun attending the kids science fairs. They are so fun and it amazed me what the kids came up with- xo Diana


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