Thursday, January 3, 2013

Coastal Dream Home {HGTV}


Well? Have you watched HGTV’s annual Dream Home Give Away?


Every year J & I watch HGTV’s Dream Home show on New Year’s day and discuss every room, every feature, and discuss what changes we’d make if we won the home.

This year’s home is located in beautiful coastal Kiawah Island, S.C. I’ve visited Kiawah Island and Charleston on a couple occasions and have fallen in love with the Southern coastal lifestyle that the cities have to offer. I will definitely be voting numerous times for the 2013 Dream Home Give Away.

I am not a huge fan of Zen design, but I do love the coastal elements of the home. The setting with marsh views is simply amazing.

Photos are from


Entry Hall

Great Room

Dining Room (I am not a fan of the citron color used so extensively downstairs, but color can be easily changed.)


Master Bedroom (I love the geometric patterned rug.)

Powder Room (Citron used in small amounts is A-OK with me. I do love the horizontal stripes. I have always believed that one should “go wild” in the powder room.)

Master Bath

Butler’s Pantry (I love this area and wish I could recreate this one. I adore the demijohns.)

Laundry Room

Loft (I love this space, but I do not like the artwork--- not my taste at all. There are many more Low Country selections to choose.)

Bunk niche (My fave part of the bunk room are the rope handles used on the drawers. Perfect!)

Guest Suite (This was my favorite overall room. I like the classic, traditional details that will never go out of style. Timeless. Elegant.)

Guest Suite Bath

Twin Suite Bedroom

Twin Suite Bath



So, what did YOU think of this year’s home?

Here are a few of my favorite things:

Seashell encrusted urns (Though I think they’d be in my way in the kitchen, I love them.)

Sea fan artwork


Metal Charleston Gate

Coral lamps

Coral art

Dresser (I like one or two pieces of painted furniture.)

Indigo art

Tray table


Mercury Glass Jars

Trusses & Bell Jar Lighting


And that View

For more pictures and a tour of this year’s Dream Home: click HERE

Kiawah Island Dream Home, y’all!


  1. I did I did! I was crazy about a lot of it..the Indigo?? Yeah! I haven't entered yet...I so thought I was going to win the house in Taos...I mean I REALLY thought I was..this would be a 2nd best..just a little farther away for me.

  2. It is a really pretty home this year and the location would be a dream for sure. Maybe you will win and I can come visit!
    Hugs, Linda

  3. Definitely a dream home. I could vacation there! Good luck with the entries. I hope you win. I'd happily take a week as a guest. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  4. I do love that house! But I agree with you about some of the colors and artwork. It won't stop me from entering every single day though! The location alone is enough for me! Love that area!

  5. Just amazing! Can you imagine? I agree with you on the art work and colors ere and there, but nothing you couldn't change up! Love the exterior! I Have never been to this part of the country and would love to go!

  6. I had not seen this yet! OH MY! I love it- I am going to outvote you and maybe win!!! Then I would finally get to move South- Good luck- you just never know- xo Diana

  7. well...there is no place I'd rather win a home than on the coast...particularly the east coast (or the gulf).....this home did not disappoint,but I have to agree with you on many points that you made, particularly the art in the loft room...while I can appreciate was not my favorite. My very favorite room was the guest suite.. hands down! The sea fan art was my favorite. I can't even imagine winning a home so beautiful, but sure woulnd't mind it......great post....thank you

  8. The location is AMAZING! I've stayed with friends on Kiawah and would love to own a home there! I do wish the decor was a little more Southern
    Coastal. Did you see the pool? Wow.

  9. I am going to win. I enter twice a day. You and Jeff are welcome anytime you want. I loved the matelasse bath towels in the bathroom so I ordered them two days ago.


  10. I hope you win, Ron. This would so be you to have a coastal home--I would love to see what you would change to make it more of the Southern style that you so love! Good luck! ;)

  11. Kiawah Island..great place for a dream home. Love the coastal decor. I usually enter, hoping to win one of HGTV's gorgeous homes. Maybe this year...

  12. I LOVE that they used the Charleston gate in their decor. What a fun idea and a preservation!


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