Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mardi Gras Mantle {2013}


Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Upon entering the parlor, the mantle is probably the first thing that guests see, so it is no coincidence that it is decked in purple, green, and gold. The mantle serves as an excellent focal point.

Did it grab your attention? I hope so!


The lower mantle features some of my Lorraine Gendron collection of painted wooden figures—the Rex float, a jester, and a flambeaux carrier. A metallic garland in the colors of Mardi Gras is draped along the surface. Two vintage trophy cups are filled with feathers (plumes) and cascading beads.

photo_1 photo_4 photo_5 2

A ball garland is draped along the base, and harlequin ribbons are tied to each corner. A crown also graces each corner.


The top mantle features more of my collection of vintage silver trophy cups filled with purple, green, and gold feathers. Beads and masks complete the vignette. A royal king and Rex lieutenant (from Lorraine Gendron) hold court on the top mantle too.

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The mantlescape signals that Mardi Gras is upon us and welcomes all friends and guests to Perrier Street.

Enter. And enjoy the celebrations.

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Mardi Gras Mantle, y’all!


  1. Ron - you have out-done yourself this time! Wow!!
    I cannot believe that Mardi Gras is so early this year, but you have risen to the occasion! Hope you have fun, when it arrives and hope you are feeling much better!

  2. That is beyond beautiful! I would never get my cat, McGillicuddy down from there! LOL!



  3. Your mantle definitely welcomes the Mardi Gras season into your home. You have managed, as usual, to create the "gaudiness" of the season with taste and class. Love it and am looking forward to "virtually venturing" further into your home! Have a great day! <3

  4. You make my heart yearn for New Orleans!! I love it!!!

  5. Hi Ron, I love your mantel! We saw signs of Mardi Gras preparations while in Nola. Your beautiful city has captured my heart, and I hope to someday visit during Mardi Gras. ~Delores

  6. Hi Ron, I started reading you blog about 8-9 months ago and I'm hooked! My grandmother was from New Orleans and then moved to Texas but I never had any interest in visiting until now, and I can't wait to come. Maybe for my 50th birthday this year!! My husband "gifted"( as you say) me an Alison Evans oyster platter for Christmas that they had to make so I just received it yesterday and it is absolutely beautiful.I think this will be a new collection for me!! Thank you for the new "loves"! ~ Sherri

  7. I would say that you're ready! It will be here before you know it.

  8. Very inviting, indeed! Wonderful job....eye candy for sure!

  9. Ron, your mantel is amazing! I knew it would be! Your decor is just the best!

  10. Ron - Your mantel is awesome! Glad you're feeling better.

  11. So festive and fun--great job!

  12. I Love your mantel(s), especialy the garland on the lower mantel. Have fun celebrating. Cheers!
    Lori in Atlanta

  13. LOVE it! Especially the lower mantle. I think you may have even topped your Christmas mantle! I really want to fill trophy cups with plumes and beads now!!!

  14. OTT and fabulous! LOVE the bows and crowns on the corner, and the silver trophy cups.

  15. WOWzer! Your decorations are the bomb. I never can get enough.

  16. You make Mardi Gras look so very classy. Great work.

  17. Ron, Love your mantle and the swag is amazing. Thank you for sharing your Mardi Gras decorations at the Open House party.
    xx, Sherry


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