Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mardi Gras Mini Banners {2013}


Over the weekend, J & I also browsed at Magazine Street fave, The Shops at 2011.

photo_2 photo_5

I found these great mini banners on long, narrow sticks. One banner reads, “Nouvelle Orleans” and the other “NOLA”. I just knew they would be a perfect addition to my jesters and wooden creations by Lorraine Gendron.

The first mini banner, “Nouvelle Orleans”, I added to the hand of the jester on my stair parlor table. I love how it is written in calligraphy (so classic).

photo_1 photo_2 photo_3

The second banner, “NOLA”, I added to the wooden jester on the lower mantle in the parlor. All I had to do was take an ice pick, puncture a small hole in the hand of the jester, and insert the banner’s stick. It fits perfectly.

 photo_4 photo_5

These are fun and add a touch of New Orleans to the Mardi Gras decor.

Mini Banners with a NOLA touch, y’all!


  1. Those are great! So much fun seeing your decorations. I was telling my hubby about them and he was looking at me fearfully to make sure I wasn't planning on decorating the entire house for Mardi Gras! Lol ;)

  2. What a great touch to your already beautiful decorations! Loving the "virtual" tour. Have a great day! <3

  3. You do find the most amazing little touches that just make your already awesome decor even more awesome!

  4. I absolutely ♥ your blog and everything Louisiana... of course I live in La. as well, lol. I think I have visited your blog everyday since I found it, but can't remember if I have left a comment yet. Looking forward to many more visits. Keep up the great decorating and sharing so much inspiration!

  5. Hi Ron, Your decorations are wonderful! I bet Mardi Gras is a fabulous time to live in New Orleans. Have fun!
    xx, Sherry

  6. I am jealous you get to be in the heart of Mardi Gras goodness!

  7. Really, really cute, Ron. It is good to see that you are feeling better and having some fun again- How you doing with the no cocktail thing? xo Diana

    1. I am doing well. I actually had ONE cocktail last night, my first since New Year's Eve! My doctor gave me permission to have or two every now and then. MODERATION!!!! LOL. xo


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