Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Regal Crowns {Carnival 2013}


After my two Mardi Gras wreaths were stolen from my doors last year, I commissioned Melissa Henry of Show Me the Door to make two custom crowns.


The crowns fit perfectly on the inside of the door between the glass and Roman shade. Thieves: BEWARE!


The crowns are perfectly regal, painted in deep purple, bordered in shiny gold, and glittered to sparkle. Colorful purple, green, and gold stones also help to complete its festive appearance.


The crowns celebrate the revelry of the much-anticipated season. It’s Carnival time, afterall.


Royal Crowns, y’all!


  1. OMG--I love them! You were very wise to put those on the inside of the doors. Those are simply regal! I hope you are feeling better and have a great day! <3

  2. I LOVE those crowns. Only you would commission your own unique ones for your door. Better watch out..........those thieves are going to be lusting over them! Glad you are home and take it EASY!

  3. good gosh man I love those crowns! What a fantastic idea for those who have glass doors and no room for a wreath. You could do any season like this! Get your mardi on!

  4. The crowns are gorgeous and look fantastic behind the glass!!!

  5. Those crowns are awesome! I hate that someone stole your wreaths last year....geesh is nothing safe? Anyway they can't get these that easily! I am excited about seeing Mardi Gras through your blog this year!
    hugs, Linda

  6. Hope you are feeling better, Ron! Love the new better check that suspect house across the street for your wreaths ;)

  7. They are beautiful! Clever of you to keep these inside the glass. ;-)

  8. LOVE them! Can you believe someone had the nerve to steal your wreaths? These are nicer than a wreath anyway- xo Diana

  9. Just discoverd your blog and love, love, love it!! Thanks for bringing our Grand Lady NOLA to the blogspere. Merci beaucoup cher!

    p.s Festive crowns, fabulous home!

  10. The crowns look fab! Great solution to tuck them behind the door! BTW, hope you're feeling better!

  11. Hey Ron; The nerve of some people!!!! I can only imagine how Beautiful that your Wreaths must have been for someone to come along and steal them!!!(My front porch looks appealing to thieves, also. Anything which is not nailed down is taken :-(
    Your Royal Crowns are absolutely Beautiful!! I hope that you are feeling better.

  12. Ron, that crown is gorgeous and you are so wise to put it inside of the glass. It's so sad to think how many thieves there are around.
    You are right about my purple and green tablescape fitting right in the Mardi Gras theme.

  13. Ron, The crowns are beautiful! You always do a wonderful job decorating the exterior of your home. How sad that someone stole your wreaths. Take care, Sherry

  14. Love the crowns. Good grief, some people will steal anything!


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